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Can I work offline in Pitch?

You can accomplish a lot in Pitch while offline. You will be able to create and edit presentations, use collaboration features, and organize your folders. In order to work efficiently without an internet connection, we recommend using our desktop app and preloading any presentations you may want to work on. When you are back online, any changes made will be synced.

Are my presentations automatically saved?

Yes, your presentations are automatically saved, and there is no need to press a save button (in fact, we don’t have one) or hit any keyboard shortcut to save your work.

Can I use Pitch on my iPad?

You can use Pitch on any web browser on your iPad, and soon, we’ll have an iOS app for you to use as well. When using a mobile browser, we recommend using an external keyboard with a trackpad, or a mouse. If your operating system is older than iOS 10.3, you may not be able to use Pitch on your iPad. Please keep in mind that Pitch is not yet optimized for a mobile experience and touchscreens.

How can I ensure my desktop app is up-to-date?

Please click the Pitch tab and select "Check for updates". If this isn't working and you're using Windows and antivirus software, please disable it temporarily and try again. Please also make sure to let us know about this.

What features will you launch next?

We’ve got an exciting roadmap and many new features launching over the next months! If you would like to suggest a feature or vote on ideas from other users, head over to our public request boards. Make sure to keep an eye on our release notes to find out what’s new.

Is Pitch available in other languages?

Currently, Pitch is only available in English. Want to see Pitch available in German, or a different language? Feel free to add your vote here and comment on which language you'd like to see supported next.

How can I use Pitch stickers and illustrations?

Love using our stickers and illustrations? Great, you can add as many as you like when creating presentations in Pitch. Find out more about working with stickers. However, when sharing content beyond the context of a presentation, these cartoons owned by Pitch are subject to certain usage restrictions.

  • Pitch stickers and illustrations can only be used in presentations created in Pitch.

  • Pitch users can use Pitch stickers and illustrations with no limitations in the presentations they create, both for personal and commercial use.

  • You may share these presentations through the Pitch platform, embed them into other websites, convert these presentations to PDF, or print these presentations.

  • You are not allowed to extract Pitch stickers and illustrations from presentations and use them separately as stand-alone assets.

Here are some examples how NOT to use Pitch Stickers & Illustrations:

  • Don't include Pitch stickers and illustrations as assets on your website.

  • Don't include Pitch stickers and illustrations in presentations created with other presentation tools.

If in doubt (or if you feel like your use case is not covered in the above guidelines), please reach out to us at

Who is that handsome dog in my sticker pack?

That’s Otto, our Director of O-paw-rations. Drop by our office in Berlin sometime to shake his paw.

Account settings

How can I change my email address?

At the moment, it's only possible to change an email address if you're signing in with Google and you've updated the address in your Google Workspace account. Once the address is changed in your Google Workspace, log in to Pitch via your Google account, go to the Account settings menu, and click on the email address field to update the account details. Your email address will then be updated on the Workspace members page, it will allow you to set new domain settings for your workspace, and your email notifications will be sent to this address as well. For now, email settings will be visible only when we detect a domain change, but we’re working on expanding this to allow for more options in the future

If you need to change your address and you're using a different sign-in method, we recommend creating a new account and moving any existing content over to your new workspace. Please contact our support team if you need help.

Can I be a part of more than one workspace?

Yes, you can join an existing workspace or create a new one directly from your workspace dashboard. Simply click the plus sign below your existing workspace icon(s) to get started.

Can I share a private folder with a workspace member?

Yes, shared private folders is one of our premium features available in the Pitch Pro plan. You can share a folder with any member of your workspace to collaborate on presentations with a smaller group – and we’re looking to add the ability to share folders with outside collaborators in the future as well.

How do I delete my account?

In case you’d like to delete your Pitch account please email us at from the email address that you used to create your account.


Can I add animations and slide transitions?

Not yet, but we’re looking into which kinds of animations or transitions we would like to build first. We’d love to learn more about your needs and ideas. You can vote and add comments for animations of blocks here and for slide transitions here. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

What is the difference between the quick menu and keyboard shortcuts?

Both the quick menu and keyboard shortcuts help you work faster in Pitch. The quick menu (Command + K on macOS and Ctrl + K on Windows, or press the lightning bolt in the editor toolbar) allows you to find and take specific actions faster, and you can even search your entire workspace for a presentation. The keyboard shortcuts panel, accessible via the help button in the bottom right corner, serves as a reminder for shortcuts you might not be using regularly.

How can I undo editing actions?

Either click the undo button in the left side of the toolbar in the editor or press Command + Z (or Ctrl + Z on Windows). You can undo an action up to 100 times as long as you’re either in the same tab or your desktop app is running. You cannot undo actions made by other collaborators. We have plans to add also a redo button soon.

How do I copy slides to a different presentation?

You can copy and paste slides from one Pitch presentation to another. Select one or more slides in the slide navigator and press Command + C (or Ctrl + C on Windows). Open the other presentation and click on a slide in the slide navigator. Once you press Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows) the slide(s) will be added below the selected slide. You can find these shortcuts in the keyboard shortcuts menu, accessible from the question mark button in the bottom right corner in the Pitch app.

Can I group blocks?

Grouping blocks such as text, images, and shapes is on our roadmap. Until it’s available, if you want to select multiple items at once and are accidentally moving a background image around, try pressing Shift while drag-selecting on the slide. In order to drag-select, click anywhere on the slide, hold the mouse button down, and drag the cursor to another location. This action will select all blocks in the area between the beginning and the end of the drag. You can add your vote to a grouping feature here and we’ll keep you updated on status changes.

Can I add a footer or header to all of my slides?

You can achieve this by adding any type of block you’d like to use as a header or footer on one slide, and then copy and paste it using the multi-select feature. You can do this by:

  1. Clicking the footer/header and press Command + C (or Ctrl + C on Windows)

  2. Selecting all the slides by pressing Shift in your slides that you would like to add these elements to

  3. Press Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows) to paste those elements in the same place on every slide selected

Can I display grids or rulers?

Right now, you will see red lines to guide you when moving a block on your slide. Guides appear close to the edge of the presentation, in the vertical and horizontal centers of the slide, and at the edges of nearby content blocks. Find out more about aligning content in this article. There is currently no way to display these guides constantly or to add custom grids or rulers to your slides. If this feature is important for you, you can vote for it here.

Text blocks

How can I paste without formatting?

In Pitch, when you paste without formatting, we apply the target format of your presentation. To paste without formatting, press Command + Shift + V (or Ctrl + Shift + V on Windows). If you simply paste using Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows), it will keep the current formatting.

Can I underline or strikethrough text?

You can underline text by highlighting the text and pressing Command + U (or Ctrl + U on Windows). To strikethrough text, highlight the text and press Command + Shift + S (or Ctrl + Shift + S on Windows).

Can I add a superscript or subscript?

While superscripts and subscripts are on our roadmap, they aren't available just yet. Until they are, you can achieve this be creating a separate text block, decreasing the size of the text, and then placing that text so it looks like a subscript or a superscript. Feel free to vote for this feature here.

Privacy and security

Can Pitch employees see the content of my presentations?

We will never access your workspace without your permission, and we will only view a presentation if you require our assistance in debugging an issue. Our current policy is that engineers tasked with operating our infrastructure have access to production data for the purpose of reactively resolving issues when users contact us, but are not proactively inspecting production data. Same applies to the customer support staff — we will never look into any of your presentations without your explicit prior consent. In addition, we are in the process of becoming ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliant. We take your data privacy — and your trust in us — seriously.

Can other collaborators see my email address?

Collaborators and members will be able to see the email addresses of fellow collaborators from the Share drop-down of the presentation. More details can be found here.

Where is my data stored?

Pitch is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The servers where Pitch’s data is stored are located in Ireland (eu-west-1 region).

Is Pitch GDPR compliant, and do you have a DPA?

Yes, Pitch is GDPR compliant at all levels of the company. See our GDPR compliant privacy policy for more details.

We have signed DPAs with third-party software providers that legally qualify as data processors. We only work with reputable cloud providers that are regulated by the GDPR and choose the market leaders in each segment (e.g. Google Suite, Dropbox, Zoom, DataDog, etc.). You can find the list of our major suppliers in our Data Processing Agreement (​​, Annex 7.2).

Every new customer signs a DPA with us in the course of signing up. You can find our Data Processing Agreement here. If you require this for documentation or other reasons, you can download our pre-signed PDF version, sign it and send it to us.

If you have more questions, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

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