Pitch is a freemium product built for the needs of modern teams.

  • The Starter plan is perfect for the needs of individuals and smaller teams. There are no limits on the number of creators, presentations, or templates.

  • The Pro plan is perfect for power users and growing teams that rely on presentations as a way to drive business. Pro features include more granular user permissions, shared private folders, and video uploads.

Watch this short video to learn more about our premium offering:

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Differences between Starter and Pro

Pro currently offers features that are not available in our Starter plan including:

  • Shared private folders: In the Starter plan, folders are either private to you or shared with the full workspace. In Pro, you can create private folders which allow members of a workspace to collaborate in smaller groups.

  • Workspace roles: In the Starter plan, every member of the workspace is an admin. This means everyone in your workspace will have access to every setting, including billing. In Pro, there are Admin and Collaborator roles. Collaborator roles will have limited access to the workspace and are set by the Admins.

  • Video uploads: In Pro, you have the option to upload videos (up to 5GB per file) to your presentation. You can upload up to ten videos per slide, and there is no limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded in a single presentation.

  • Version history: In Pro, you are able to view previous versions of your slides and restore them. You can also view and restore deleted slides.

  • Views: In Pro, you can find out which workspace members and invited guests have viewed a presentation.

  • Unlimited file size for image uploads: In the Starter plan, you can upload images up to 5MB per image. In Pro, there are no limits for image uploads.

  • Unlimited data integrations (coming soon): In the Starter plan, you can have up to three data integrations. In Pro, there are no limits.

  • Unbranded PDFs: In the Starter plan, all exported PDFs will have the Pitch branding on them. In Pro, there will be no Pitch branding on PDF exports.

  • Advanced presentation analytics (coming soon): In the Starter plan, you'll have access to basic presentation analytics. In Pro, there will be more advanced analytics.

  • More storage space: In the Starter plan, each workspace will have up to 10 GB of storage for the entire workspace (all users combined). In Pro, you'll have up to 10 GB of storage per user in the workspace (with no limit on number of users).


Both plans apply to your whole workspace, so Pro features are available to everyone in your team. The Starter plan will be free forever, with no user limits.

The Pro plan has a per-user cost. You can pay monthly or yearly (with a 20% discount).

$10/€10/£10 per user per month (paid monthly)

$8/€8/£8 per user per month (paid yearly at $96/€96/£96 per user)

If you're on a monthly plan, you'll be automatically invoiced and billed each month. Each invoice will include pro-rated changes from adding or removing users, so you'll only pay for the portion of the month that each user is a member of your workspace.

If you're on a yearly plan, you will only receive additional invoices (up to one per month) if you add or remove users — which will credit or charge you for the changes.

We currently accept all major credit cards. If you have special requirements for payments, please let us know.

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