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Pitch is a freemium product designed for modern teams to enable them to craft beautiful presentations and share compelling stories.

Pitch plans

Free plan

The Free plan is tailored to meet the requirements of individuals and small teams at no cost. It includes the features below:

  • Generator: This AI tool was created to help with the process of designing stunning presentation layouts. It empowers you to concentrate on effectively shaping your narrative and delivering successful pitches to win business.

  • Unlimited Members: You can add an unlimited number of members to your workspace, with all members assigned admin privileges, except for the workspace owner. This ensures equal access and permissions for all team members within the workspace.

  • Generous Storage Limit: With 10GB storage capacity for the workspace, you have the flexibility to create as many presentations and templates as your team needs. Additionally, you can upload images with file sizes of up to 5MB.

  • Template Gallery: Choose from a diverse collection of over a hundred templates available in our gallery, meticulously crafted by designers to cater to various use-cases.

  • Custom Templates and Fonts: Customize your presentations with personalized templates and the option to upload custom fonts, giving your presentations a unique and branded touch.

  • Basic Sharing Links: Easily generate basic sharing links to allow external stakeholders to view your presentations, enhancing collaboration and accessibility.

Pro plan

The Pro plan is an ideal choice for power users and expanding teams that depend on presentations to drive their business. It offers all the features available in the Free plan, in addition to:

  • Workspace Roles: With the Pro plan, you can assign different roles to your workspace members, including admin, creator, and commenter roles. Creators have the ability to edit and share presentations, while commenters can view and leave comments. Admins enjoy higher-level permissions, allowing them to manage the workspace and billing effectively.

  • Paid Seats: The base price of the Pro plan includes 2 paid seats, designed for the owner and an extra admin or creator. If needed, you have the option to add extra paid seats at an additional cost.

  • Commenters: You can have up to 100 commenters with the Pro plan. Commenters have the ability to view and comment on presentations within your workspace, excluding those in private folders they don't have access to. However, they cannot make edits or share presentations.

  • External Guests: The Pro plan enables you to invite up to 50 external guests to individual presentations. These guests can be assigned different levels of permissions, allowing them to view, comment, or edit the presentations they've been invited to, all without gaining access to your entire workspace.

  • Shared Private Folders: Create private folders that facilitate collaboration within smaller groups of members in your workspace.

  • Unlimited Storage: Enjoy the convenience of unlimited storage, ensuring that your team can create as many presentations as needed without ever worrying about running out of space.

  • Unlimited File Size for Image Uploads: There are no file size limits for images uploaded to your presentations or your workspace library.

  • Video Uploads: You have the option to upload videos, with a maximum file size of up to 5MB per file, directly to your presentations. You can upload up to 10 videos per slide, and there is no restriction on the number of videos you can upload in a single presentation or to your workspace library.

  • Unbranded Exports: The Pro plan provides unbranded PDF and PowerPoint exports. This means that there won't be Pitch branding on these exported files, in contrast to the Free plan, which includes branding on all exports.

  • Version History: You can access and review previous versions of your slides, and even restore them as needed. Additionally, you have the ability to view and recover deleted slides, ensuring you have full control over your presentation history and content.

Business plan

The Business plan is the next level for teams seeking to expand and share their presentations more broadly. It includes all features in the Pro plan, in addition to:

  • Expanded Paid Seats: The base price of the Business plan provides you with 5 paid seats, catering to the owner and various admins or creators. If your team needs more, you can add additional paid seats at an extra cost.

  • Unlimited Commenters: With the Business plan, you have the flexibility to involve your entire team in Pitch by assigning them the commenter role. This role is perfect for team members who don't need editing privileges but still want to view and give their input on presentations.

  • Limitless External Guests: Share your presentations with as many external individuals as necessary using either basic or analytics links, ensuring your content reaches a wider audience.

  • Analytics Links: Create up to 50 analytics links to gain insights into how your presentations are being viewed by workspace members, external guests, and other audiences. You can also enhance the privacy and control of your links by adding password protection.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan is specifically crafted for larger organizations specific needs. It offers all features on the Business plan, in addition to:

  • Unlimited Analytics Links: Track your presentations with unlimited analytics links, ideal for heavy users or data-driven teams.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Simplify access management by allowing members to log in using their existing SSO credentials for services such as Azure, Google, and Okta.

  • Personal Success Manager: Exclusive to Enterprise customers, you'll have a personal success manager to guide you, share best practices to effectively adopt Pitch, and ensure that you get the most value from your plan.


For an overview of feature comparisons and pricing details, visit our pricing page.

All paid plans extend to your entire workspace, granting all paid members of your team access to the premium features.

The Free plan remains permanently free, accommodating an unlimited number of members. Our paid plans, on the other hand, are billed per member. You have the flexibility to choose between monthly payments or an annual subscription. Paying annually comes with a 15% discount.

To better understand of our billing process, you can refer to this dedicated article.

If you're interested in exploring pricing options for our Enterprise plan, please reach out to our team by selecting the Contact us option on the pricing page or sending an email to success@pitch.com.

Do you offer student or educational discounts?

At the moment, we don’t provide discounts for students or educational institutions. It's worth noting that our Free plan is well-suited for many students and schools, as it offers unrestricted access to workspace members, presentations, and templates. We appreciate your interest and will keep this in mind for potential future considerations.

We're here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding, plans, pricing, or anything else. Email us at support@pitch.com.

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