If you appreciate efficiency, you'll love our quick menu. You can add and edit content, collaborate with others, and search and manage your workspace by using powerful keyboard shortcuts and commands.

Simply type Command + K (Control + K on Windows), or click the lightning bolt in the top right of the editor toolbar, from the workspace or while editing a presentation:

What is the quick menu?

You might be familiar with command palettes or command centers from tools like Superhuman, Slack, and Linear. Keyboard-first interactions are also popular in the gaming industry but the quick menu in Pitch does not only focus on the keyboard. It contains keyboard shortcuts and helps you find other actions faster, like changing the status of a slide or inserting a text block.

You’ll find several single-letter shortcuts and submenus in our quick menu. Single-letter shortcuts allow you to leave your other hand on the mouse, and are faster to use than a combination of two or more keys. Submenus offer filtered lists to give you the most relevant options for an action. For example, when you press S, you will see a submenu with all available shapes you can add.

Now, here’s a selection of what you can do from the quick menu:

From the workspace dashboard:

  • New presentation: N
  • Go to workspace: G
  • Open folder
  • Open presentation: O
  • Create template: T
  • Create folder: F
  • Workspace settings (workspace owner only)
  • Invite users

While editing a presentation:

Add new slides and blocks to your presentation

When you’re working in the editor, you’ll most likely want to add some content. Try out these options first:

  • New Slide: N
  • Headline: H
  • Normal text: T
  • Small text
  • Image: I
  • Shape: S
  • List: L
  • Title
  • Subheadline
  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Table

Use submenus to add shapes and lists

Some content types — like shapes and lists — have their own submenu that you can bring up through a single-key shortcut. For instance, if you're working on a slide and would like to insert a bullet list, type L to bring up the list submenu, and then enter B to add the right list type (in this case, a bulleted list).

  • Rectangle: S then R
  • Circle: S then C
  • Line: S then L
  • Arrow: S then A
  • Diamond: S then D
  • Bullet List: L then B
  • Numbered List: L then N
  • Check list: L then C

Navigate and collaborate faster

In addition to adding content, you can navigate your account, open other presentations, and use collaboration features using the quick menu:

  • Go to dashboard
  • Go to workspace: G
  • Open folder
  • Open presentation: O
  • Add comment: ⌘ + Shift + M
  • Set slide status: Alt + S
  • Assign to: A
  • Apply style: Alt + T
  • Jump to slide: J
  • Export to PDF

💡 Searching for a specific presentation? The fastest way is to type the title into the quick menu, either from the dashboard or the editor, to find and open it in a new tab.

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