Group blocks

Grouping allows you to tie different blocks together to move them as one while still being able to edit text and replace images.

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How to group blocks

  1. Select multiple blocks.

  2. Right-click and select Group. Alternatively, press Command + G (or Control + G on Windows). You can also use the quick menu and type “group”.

❗️Please note that these blocks cannot be grouped with other blocks:

  • Recordings

  • Charts

  • Tables

  • Embeds

It’s also not possible to created nested groups, i.e. to group a set of groups.

Smart grouping

When you group blocks, Pitch automatically detects similar ones on the slide. Confirm you’d like to group them with just one click. With less need to manually group blocks, you can move, style, animate, and reuse slide content even faster.

How to ungroup blocks

When you select a group, you can recognize it by a thicker blue selection box.

  1. Select the group or multiple groups.

  2. Right-click and click Ungroup.

Alternatively, open the Design panel and click Ungroup or press Command + Shift + G (or Control + Shift + G on Windows). You can also use the quick menu and type “ungroup”.

You can also use Cmd + Z (Ctrl + Z on Windows) to undo your grouping.

Edit and style text in groups

  1. Click on text in a group to select it.

  2. Rewrite the text and change it’s style (color, alignment, font, size, and more)

If you change the font style or its style and the text overlaps over other elements in the group, ungroup the group to move and align blocks properly and group them again.

Replace and edit images in groups

  1. Clicking on a group selects the group. Click once more to select the image inside a group.

  2. Click Replace to select a different media to fit into the current image frame.

❗️It’s currently not possible to move, align, resize, crop, or rotate blocks inside a group. Ungroup the group to make these edits to individual blocks or a selection of blocks.

Duplicate groups

Reusing groups is a great way to save time on repetitive edits while keeping slides consistent.

To duplicate a group, right-click, and click Duplicate. You can also duplicate by selecting the group, holding the Option key or Alt key on Windows, and mouse-dragging.

💡 You can also use a shortcut. Either press Command + D (or Control + D on Windows) to duplicate or a simple copy-paste will get you the same result.

Swap groups

Swapping groups with same or similar content (like a duplicated group with changed text) is the fastest way to reorder content on your slide.

Swapping does not work between a group and another block type, like a simple text block. If there are groups that can be swapped, you’ll see a Swap handle below each selected group.

Grab the Swap handle with your mouse and drag the group to the location of a different group to swap their place.

Tidy groups to quickly align slide content

Tidying groups offers the fastest way to align groups on your slide. The option to Tidy appears when you select same or similar groups (like a duplicated group with changed text). It does not work when other blocks are in the selection with groups.

  1. Hover on the Tidy option in the inline editor to preview the result.

  2. Press Tidy to align groups.

If you want more control over how are groups aligned, right-click on the group and select one of the Align or Distribute options.

When you select only one group, it will be aligned to the slide margins.

If you select two or more groups or other blocks, they will be aligned relatively to each other. To distribute groups horizontally or vertically, you need to select at least three.

❗️Currently, it’s not possible to resize, flip, or rotate groups. Ungroup the group to make these edits to individual blocks or a selection of blocks.

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