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What to do if you can't find your presentation.

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When you have lots of presentations in your account, sometimes you can't help but wonder, "where is my presentation"? Here are some things to try first to help find them.

Make sure to use the correct account and workspace

Are you logged into the correct account?

If you happen to have a Pitch account using your personal email and another account using your work email, it's possible that you're just logged into the wrong account.

Make sure you’re logged in with the email address to the account where you either created the presentation or to which it’s been shared with you. Currently, there is no way to switch between user accounts — you will need to log out and log in.

Are you in the correct workspace?

If you can't find a presentation, make sure you're in the correct workspace! It can get confusing especially if you joined a lot of workspaces. Look on the left sidebar to find your workspaces and click on them to switch to that workspace.

Alternatively, if the presentation had been shared with you with someone from another workspace, make sure to navigate into that guest workspace.

Is the deck in someone else’s private folder?

Open your workspace and go to correct folder under Shared with me.

Link doesn’t work?

If the presentation has been shared with you by someone from a different workspace or someone who created this presentation in a private folder, it’s possible the sharing has been disabled. To make sure, contact them to verify you still have access.

Here are other possible reasons the link is not working or why you might be running into an error message:

The presentation is no longer shared with you

Maybe your coworker granted you access at one point but then decided to work on it in private before letting others take a look. They might have removed your access, so you could try politely asking for access again.

The presentation has been deleted or moved out of the workspace

It’s possible that the presentation no longer exists in your workspace. Check with others in your workspace to see if they are still able to access it.

The link is outdated or incomplete

When a presentation is moved to another workspace, its URL changes. You might be clicking on an outdated link. Check with the owner of the presentation to confirm you have the current link. Also double-check that the link is complete and you’re not missing a few characters.

Search for a presentation

Once you’re in the correct account, and in the correct workspace, click on the search icon to bring up the search menu, and type in the name of the presentation. Click on any result to open the presentation you're looking for.

You can also pull up the quick menu using the keyboard shortcut Command + K, and type in the document's name.

Note: Search always works only for the workspace you’re in. If you have multiple workspaces, navigate to them first, then search from there.

Other ways to locate a presentation

If you’re looking for recently edited presentations in your workspace, go to the Dashboard to see eight most recently changed presentations.

If you don’t remember the name of the presentation, navigate to the respective folder in your workspace. Inside folders, in the top-right corner, you can sort presentations by Updated, Created, or by Title.

If you still can't find your presentation, reach out to us!

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