What is a guest workspace?

As a guest, you can access presentations shared with you from other workspaces.

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If you share a presentation with an external collaborator — or if an external person shares a presentation with you — the receiver of the invite will have guest access to the workspace the presentation originates from.

When someone invites you to a presentation outside of your workspace

Their workspace will appear in your list of teams, under your workspace menu. All you will see in this workspace is the Shared space, which contains all presentations from this workspace that were shared with you. You will not be able to create a new presentation in a guest workspace.

When you invite an external collaborator to your presentation

Your presentation remains in the original folder where you created it. The person you’ve shared the presentation with will now have guest access to your workspace, but they will only be able to see the presentation(s) you’ve shared with them.

To view all of the guests in a workspace and see which presentations they have access to, visit the Workspace members page accessible from the workspace menu (the drop-down menu next to the name of the workspace) or the Add members button in the Dashboard. You can also remove their access from the presentations from the section.

Leaving a guest workspace

You can either leave a guest workspace entirely or leave an individual presentation that was shared with you. If you've been invited to multiple presentations in a workspace, you may prefer to leave the entire workspace when your work is finished. Once there are no remaining shared presentations from a specific workspace, that workspace will no longer be displayed as a guest workspace for you. In order to leave a presentation, click the presentation options from within the shared folder and select Leave.

In order to leave a guest workspace, click the workspace menu and select Leave workspace at the bottom of the menu options.

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