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Invite team members to your workspace
Invite team members to your workspace

Manage workspace members to collaborate with teammates.

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A Pitch workspace is a shared space where team members can work together. Members can see all presentations in the workspace.

Add new members to your workspace

Go to your workspace and click on Add members in the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

You can also add more people from the settings menu.

  1. Navigate to the workspace you’d like to add members to.

  2. Open the menu next to the workspace name.

  3. Select members.

4. Type your coworker's email address into the box.

5. Click Invite member.

The list of workspace members will be updated to show that the invite has been sent.

Invites expire after seven days. To resend or revoke an invite, click on the options next to the Invite sent label, the Invite expired label, or the role.

Once someone has accepted the invite, they will be listed as a member of your workspace and you will be able to tag them in comments and assign slides to them.

💡 On our paid plans, only owners and admins can add workspace members.

Invite new workspace members from a presentation

Alternatively, if you’re on the Starter plan, you can invite workspace members by sharing any presentation.

  1. Open a presentation in the editor, click on Share, and enter the email of someone who is not yet in your workspace.

  2. Keep the access as Member, and you’ll invite them both to your presentation and your workspace.

For now, invited people will receive two emails: one invite to the presentation, and one invite to your workspace. To become a workspace member, they need to accept the workspace invite. We'll notify them if they try to accept a workspace invite for a different email than the one they're logged in with. To manage guests and members, go to the Members section of your workspace menu.

Search and filter workspace members

Enter a name or an email to search for workspace members. If your email search comes up empty, you can quickly send an invite as long as you’re an admin or owner.

To view and manage workspace roles, use the Role filter to see who’s an owner, admin, or a creator. Note that workspaces with one member won’t have this feature.

Allow team members to join your workspace automatically

The owner of a workspace can set an approved email domain for a workspace. This allows team members to easily discover and join your workspace. Read how to enable this setting.

Remove guest access

In addition, you can also remove the guests in your workspace from the members settings. In order to remove a guest completely from all the presentations they were invited to, click the list of presentations they are invited to and them choose Remove access.

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