Manage workspace roles

Set up roles to control who can access what in your workspace.

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Workspace roles allow each Pitch workspace to set up granular controls that manage what users have access to. With roles you can set up permissions for presentations, folders, billing settings, and workspace management.

Pitch workspaces have five types of users:

  • Owners: Every workspace has a single owner who has full permission to manage all settings in a workspace, including deleting the workspace.

  • Admins: Admins can access most workspace settings, including updating the billing options, and adding or removing workspace members. After the owner, every additional workspace member in a Free workspace is an admin by default.

  • Creators (paid plans only): Creators can create, edit, and share presentations, but can’t access workspace settings or add new members.

  • Commenters (paid plans only): Commenter is a user role for members of Pro and Business workspaces that allows them to browse the workspace, and open, view, and comment on decks without extra cost.

  • Guests: Guests have access to individually shared presentations but aren't part of a workspace, so they can't access workspace settings, view workspace folders, or add or remove presentations to a workspace. Read more about guest workspaces.

Change the workspace role

If you're the owner or an admin in a Pro workspace, navigate to the Workspace members page, which is accessible from the workspace drop-down menu (next to the name of your workspace). Next to each member you'll find the option to change their role from an admin to creator and vice versa. As the owner, you'll also have the option to change the owner role from yourself to another member. Please note that notifications will not be sent when a user's role has been changed.

In addition, you can also remove the guests in your workspace from this menu. In order to remove a guest completely from all the presentations they were invited to, click the list of presentations they are invited to and them choose Remove access.

What happens if the workspace owner has left our company?

Workspace owners can transfer ownership to another person in the workspace. If this person left and no longer has access to their email, please contact us with your workspace name and the email of the original owner, and we can transfer ownership on their behalf.

What happens when a workspace member is removed?

When you remove a workspace member, any presentation in their private folders will no longer be accessible. Any presentations located in workspace folders or shared private folders (shared with at least one other workspace member) will still be available.

For private presentations and folders, if the presentations and folders are not shared with anyone, no one will have access to them once the user leaves the workspace. We’d recommend that you move the presentations to workspace folders before the member leaves so that everyone have access to them. You can also move the presentations to your own private folders if you want it to remain confidential.

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