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Learn how the commenter role can help your team collaborate in Pitch.

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What is the commenter role?

The Commenter role makes it easier to bring your whole team into Pitch and get them interacting with your presentations. It is ideal for users you want in your workspace but who only need to view and comment on decks.

Commenter is a new user role for members of paid workspaces that allows them to browse the workspace, and open, view, and comment on decks without extra cost. It’s a great way for teams to invite more people from their organization into the workspace for free, without these users incurring a per-seat cost. This can be particularly useful for larger teams, where some members may not need to create or edit presentations.

Workspaces on our Pro plan can add up to 50 commenters to their team, and workspaces on our Business plan can add to 100.

What can commenters do in Pitch?

  • Browse and view all presentations in workspace folders.

  • Use the quick menu to search for presentations and folders.

  • Open presentations from workspace folders or shared links (except private presentations).

  • Add new comments and reply to comments from others.

Limitations of the commenter role

There are a few things that Commenters cannot do, such as:

  • Create new presentations or edit existing ones.

  • Invite new recipients to presentations or create sharing links.

  • Access private folders or presentations.

  • Be invited to private presentations as a guest editor.

  • Be invited to shared private folders.

  • Access workspace and billing settings, or manage workspace members.

Inviting and managing commenters

Commenters can be invited to the workspace in two places:

From the Workspace members page (limited to the owner and admins)

1. Open the Workspace menu next to the workspace name and select Workspace members. Or click Add members in the top right of your dashboard.

  1. Type your coworker's email address into the box.

  2. Click Commenter to add them into this role.

From the Share menu in a presentation

1. Click Share in the top right-hand corner.

2. Enter an email address or multiple addresses. To invite multiple addresses, type the email addresses and separate them with a space, or paste a list of emails separated by spaces.

3. Select their permissions and click Invite.

4. For guests that have been invited with Can comment and Can view access, a pop up will appear letting you know that you can invite them as a commenter.

5. Click Invite to workspace to add them as a commenter.

The owner and admins can also promote commenters to creators, or vice-versa

1. Click the drop down menu next to the person's name in the Workspace members section.

2. Select Commenter from the menu to downgrade the user, or another role if they need access to edit a presentation.

Adding or removing a paid seat will impact your billing — for more information, please visit our billing FAQ.

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