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I’m having issues uploading custom fonts
I’m having issues uploading custom fonts

Troubleshooting the custom font upload process.

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You’ve read all about uploading custom fonts into Pitch, and it’s still not working? The Confirm button in the upload screen will be greyed out if Pitch detects an error with the font family name, labels in the editor, or the font weight and style of your fonts. This article outlines common issues in the upload process and how to make it work.

The font family name has to be unique in the workspace

The font family name that you enter in the top left corner of the upload window will be displayed in the Font family drop-down menu in the editor after you’ve uploaded your files. Therefore, it needs to be unique to the workspace.

If you or someone else in the workspace has already uploaded other files with the same font family name, you won’t be able to proceed. In order to continue, you can choose a different name for your font that is not yet used in your workspace.

Fonts can’t have the same font weight and style

Please review the list of fonts for potential duplicates by scanning the Font weight and Style columns. A duplicate is a font file with the same weight and style (italic or non-italic) as another one. The two fonts in the first example below are not duplicates because one of them is italic and the other one is not. In the second example, both fonts have a weight of “900 Black” and they are both italic. Therefore, these are duplicates.

If you do find any duplicates, you can either remove them by clicking the trash icon on the right side of the screen, or manually change the font attributes to proceed.

💡 Consider uploading some of your files as a separate font family if you notice multiple duplicates or a pattern in the file names. For example, if several files are “condensed” versions of your font, you can upload those as a separate font family.

The labels need to be unique

Lastly, make sure the last column contains different labels for each file in the font family. If two or more labels are the same, choose a different name for each of them.

Now you should be able to upload all remaining font files to your workspace by clicking Confirm at the bottom right of the window.

If you’re still running into any difficulties or errors please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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