Upload custom fonts

As long as you have the rights to use a font, you can work with it in Pitch. To upload your custom font, head over to the editor or style builder and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Font drop-down menu in either the Design panel or in the Style builder, and select Upload.

2. Click Choose fonts and upload your custom font by selecting or dragging and dropping your font files into the upload screen.

💡 We recommend that you upload all font variations of the same font family at once. You won’t be able to add more files to a font family or change the name.

We try to detect font weights and styles automatically, but sometimes we get it wrong. Please double-check to make sure font weights and styles are correct, in addition to the names of the font family and individual font styles.

3. Click the confirm button when you’re done.

Not working? If the Upload button is grayed out, make sure each font variation has a unique name and the correct weight/style, and check for any duplicate files, names, or properties. This article can help you troubleshoot common issues.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your fonts, you’ll find them listed in the Font family drop-down menu.

Supported file types:

  • TrueType (.ttf)

  • OpenType (.otf)

If your font file type is not currently supported, try converting files to an accepted format in order to upload them. If you would like to use a Google font, download the font and then upload it into Pitch. If there are any specific formats in addition to TrueType and OpenType that you would like to be able to upload directly into Pitch, please let us know.

Delete an uploaded font

To remove a font, navigate to the Fonts folder in your library, find the font you wish to remove, click the options menu and then click Delete.

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