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Upgrade to a paid plan

Upgrade your Free workspace to a paid plan for expanded features and leverage your presentations to drive your business forward.

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Upgrading your workspace to the Pro and Business plans is an easy process, and it can be done by anyone within the workspace. After the subscription is created, only the owner and admins have the permission to manage it.

When you purchase a paid plan, you’ll pay for all seats in the workspace. It’s not possible to upgrade only your account.

To find the right plan for your team, compare features on our pricing page. If you’re interested in an Enterprise plan, please contact our team at

To learn more about how billing works at Pitch, explore this article.

How to upgrade to a paid subscription

1. To upgrade your workspace to Pro or Business, click the Upgrade this workspace banner on the dashboard.

Or click the drop-down arrow next to your workspace name and select Upgrade this workspace.

2. Check out the slides on the pop-up window, then click See pricing to continue.

3. Read through the pricing page to find the right plan for your team. To learn more about pricing and advantages on the Enterprise plan, click on Contact us.

Scroll down to compare features and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions. When you’re ready, select the upgrade button under the plan you chose.

4. Click on Manage seats to change member’s roles and ensure you’re only paying for the seats you need. Note that all roles are paid, except for commenters.

Note: The owner role can’t be changed from the checkout page. The current workspace owner will need to transfer ownership to someone else from the Members page.

5. Once you’ve selected the right amount of seats, fill in the necessary details and choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly.

6. Confirm that all details on the right-hand side panel are correct and click on Review order.

​7. Once you've reviewed the order, click Complete purchase and your upgrade will be complete.

You're now ready to enjoy our premium features. Happy Pitching!

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