See who has viewed a presentation

Find out which workspace members or invited guests have looked at a presentation.

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When working on a presentation or template, you may find yourself asking if it's possible to see which teammate has seen your recent work. With views, you can see which workspace members or invited guests have opened a presentation along with a timestamp of their last activity. To access this information, click the graph icon in the top right of a presentation to see a list of all recent viewers.

Who has access to views? Does it show everyone who looks at my presentation?

Views are visible to all workspace members, but will not be available for guests in a presentation to access.

Currently, only workspace members and guests will show up in the views list and will only be listed once in the menu. Anonymous viewers are not shown in views.

What activity updates the timestamp next to a viewer?

Any presentation activity from all platforms (web and desktop) adds to the list of recent viewers within a few seconds:

  • Opening the presentation

  • Making an edit on a slide

  • Changing a slide in the editor

  • Changing a slide in focus mode

  • Changing a slide in presenter mode

  • Closing the presentation

Viewers are sorted with the most recent activity at the top of the list.

Can I move a presentation and keep the views?

Views will stay within a presentation only when it’s moved between public folders. If a presentation is moved between workspaces, or between a public folder and a private folder, the prior views will be erased.

Can I update from a Starter plan to a Pro plan and see earlier views?

Views will only start being tracked once an account is on the Pro plan. Any views that take place while an account is on the Starter plan will not be reported.

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