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Share links, embed your deck into your website, and collect analytics from whom you share it with.

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Share your presentation with specific audiences and stay in control of sharing with analytics links.

Create analytics links to your presentations

Open any presentation, click on the Share menu, and navigate to Share externally. Next to each link in the Share menu, you can see the analytics icon and the number of total visits each link has received.

To create a new analytics link:

  1. Click New link.

  2. Select Analytics link

  3. Optional: add a link name. If you do not add a link name, you can use the default link name that is automatically generated. Link names will be reflected in the custom URL, so they are visible to viewers. If you change a link name later, anyone with the old link will still be able to access your presentation.

  4. Click on Create link once you have filled out the information.

Click the More options button to access additional preferences for the analytics link:

  • Allow duplication: Visitors can copy and reuse the presentation in their own workspace.

  • Engagement analytics: Track slide views, visit duration, and engagement. If this toggle is turned off you will only see the number of visits but not time spent on slide.

  • Require passcode (optional): If you want an additional measure to manage access and limit re-sharing, you can add a passcode to your analytics link. When you first add a passcode, Pitch will generate a random string of characters. However, you can choose to edit this and create your own passcode.

Once you’re ready to share a link, simply copy and paste the information into an email, text message — you name it. If a link has a passcode, Pitch will automatically add it to the copy link button so you can share the link and passcode with just one click from your clipboard.

Need to add a slide or fix a typo after sending the link? Even after hitting send, any changes you make to your presentation will be visible to recipients.

Manage and delete analytics links

After creating an analytics link, you can continue to edit its settings. Click the three-dot menu next to the link to:

  • Copy embed code

  • Disable link

  • Open link settings

If you no longer wish to monitor an analytics link or access its past data, you can delete it completely from link settings menu. Please note that deleting a link is permanent and this cannot be undone.

After you’ve disabled or deleted an analytics link, visitors who open the link will instead see an error message.

Opening an analytics link

Receive a link to a Pitch presentation? You can view it on a desktop or mobile device and easily navigate between slides, but you’re not able to edit it or leave any comments.

If a passcode exists, you’ll need to enter it first before seeing any of the presentation’s content.

Create basic links to your presentations

You can send a basic link to your audience that comes without any activity tracking or passcode.

To create a basic link:

  1. Open the Share menu

  2. Click + New link

  3. Select Basic link

  4. Click on Create link

  5. Click on Copy link to share the URL with your collaborators

Embed a presentation

You can embed presentations on any website that supports HTML and accepts iframes (e.g., Squarespace and Webflow) and into tools such as Notion, Coda, and Confluence.

  1. Click Share at the top right-hand corner of the editor.

  2. Tab over to Share externally.

  3. If you have created a link to your presentation before, you will see it listed here. If not, you will need to create a basic link for your presentation by clicking on New link.

  4. Once the link is created, click on Options in the link field (the 3 dots on the righthand side)

  5. Select Copy embed code

  6. Paste the embed code snippet on your website or the tool in which you’d like to embed your presentation.

🚨 If you disable public access at any point, all embeds shared from this presentation will no longer load.

Embedded presentations will update in real-time, so when you make a change to your presentation, it will be reflected immediately.

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