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Use this section to streamline the whole sharing and outreach process for your team.

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View links from your home screen

You can view all the advanced and basic links your team has sent out straight from the home screen. This is a dedicated page that shows all of the links created for presentations in that workspace.

In this section, you’ll see how many advanced links your team has used. (Free/Pro: limited to 1, Business: limited to 50). You’ll also be able to filter by:

  • Presentation

  • Link name

  • Link created by

  • Created

  • Visits (coming soon)

You can also choose to show, your Team presentations, Private presentations, analytics links, or basic links:

You can also access link settings to copy an embed code, enable or disable a link, and edit the link settings. Learn more about link settings here.

If you are a workspace owner you can:

  • Disable or delete a link

  • Sees who is the creator in the Other’s private presentations section. Note: workspace owners do NOT see the content of the private presentation.

View links from the Share menu

  1. Click on the Share menu

  2. Click on Share externally

  3. Click on Go to links overview page on the bottom left-hand corner.

💡 Once you downgrade all advanced links will be greyed out and disabled

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