Your workspace comes preloaded with professionally designed templates for you to use, but you can also create and save your own.

There are three ways to create a new template in Pitch.

From the editor

Click the presentation menu above the slide navigator and you’ll see an option to save your presentation as a template. Select that option, give your new template a name, and then click Convert to template.

From your workspace

Navigate to the presentation you want to turn into a template and click the options icon. Select Convert to template, give your new template a title, and then click Convert to template.

From the library

Navigate to the Templates folder in your Library. Here you see all existing templates within the workspace. To create a new one, select + Create Template, give your new template a name, and start building.

Editing and using your template

Once you’ve created your own template, you can edit it from the Library folder. Click to open a template, then click Edit template to get started.

Edits made to a template will be included in presentations created with it moving forward. When you edit a template in the library, we'll pop up a quick reminder to let you know what you're working on isn't a single presentation.

Make sure to hit Publish at the top of the page after editing your template.

Your template will now appear in the template picker under the Library templates section at the top when you create a new presentation.

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