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Collaborate with your team on presentations within your workspace.

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If your presentation is located in a team folder, anyone in your workspace can can open, edit, and share a presentation. If you’re working in a private folder or would like to share with external collaborators you can invite others to your presentation via email through the Share menu.

Invite others via email

In order to invite individuals to join the workspace as guests to view, comment on, or edit a presentation:

  1. Click Share in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Enter an email address or multiple addresses. To invite multiple addresses, type the email addresses and separate them with a space, or paste a list of emails separated by spaces.

  3. Select their permissions and click Invite. If you’ve invited multiple email addresses at once, you can set their permissions as a group or adjust them one by one after sending your invite.

Optionally, you can link to the current slide by toggling on Link to current slide and then copying the link. Depending on the permissions you select, here’s what invited users can do:

  • Can edit: Full access to view and edit slides, manage workflows, and collaborate with others

  • Can comment: View slides (excluding skipped ones) and view and add comments

  • Can view: View all slides (excluding skipped ones) but not comments

Once an invitee has accepted the invitation to your presentation, you will see their name and access level listed in the Share menu. You can change their access at any time.

Leaving a guest workspace

You can either leave a guest workspace entirely or leave an individual presentation that was shared with you. If you’ve been invited to multiple presentations in a workspace, you may prefer to leave the entire workspace when your work is finished. Once there are no remaining shared presentations from a specific workspace, that workspace will no longer be displayed as a guest workspace for you. In order to leave a presentation, click the presentation options from within the shared folder and select Leave.

To leave a guest workspace, click the workspace menu and select Leave workspace at the bottom of the menu options.

Where to find shared presentations

After sharing a presentation with someone within your workspace from a private folder, they’ll see the shared presentation in the Presentations folder in the Shared with me section.

If you share your presentation with someone who is not part of your workspace, they will have guest access to your workspace to see this presentation. Learn more about guest workspaces.

💡 If you’re inviting a teammate to your presentation, you might want to invite them to your workspace instead. That way, they will be able to access all presentations in your team’s workspace and you can easily collaborate on future presentations.

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