Enable public access to a presentation

Share your presentation with external viewers.

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Pitch lets you to make presentations publicly available so that anyone with the link can view your content, even if they don’t have a Pitch account (yet!).

Enable public access

  1. Click Share at the top right of the editor.

  2. Toggle Public access on.

3. Click the Copy link button.

4. Share away!

Note that people who click the link can view the content of your slides but are not able to edit your presentation or leave any comments.

💡 You can easily tell whether or not public access is enabled. A globe icon in the Share button and on the presentation preview in your workspace indicates public access.

Share a link to the current slide

By default all share links lead to the first slide of your presentation. If you wish to link to a specific slide, go to the slide, and turn on Link to current slide before you copy the link.

Did you know you can embed public presentations on your website or in other tools? Find out more.

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