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Get to know your Pitch dashboard

Stay organized and easily manage your presentations by getting acquainted with your workspace dashboard.

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What is the dashboard?

This is your starting point in Pitch. The dashboard is unique to each member, offering an overview of the your most recent presentations, entry points for using templates, and quick options to create presentations.

You can return here at any time by clicking on the Home button in the top left of your page.

Create presentation

From the top of the dashboard, you can quickly begin working by selecting one of the creation options. You can choose to start with a template, start with AI, or import an existing PowerPoint file.

You can see all of your available templates (both in your library and in the Pitch gallery) by clicking on Manage library and then Templates

Recent activity

Find the content you’ve been working on and pick back up where you left off. Select Recents in the top left of your home screen. You can toggle between By everyone to By me to see the presentations that you have worked on lately.

By default, each dashboard is set to filter recent activity by everyone. If you change your preference to see recent activity by me, this change will sync across all of your sessions (both web app and desktop app). It will also sync across all workspaces that you use with the same email address. This means that every time you open the dashboard, your preferred section will be selected.

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