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I can’t access the color dropper
I can’t access the color dropper

The color dropper is currently available on select platforms.

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Need to align colors across your slides? Now you can use the color dropper to pick colors from anywhere else on your screen. Click on the color swatch, click Sample color and aim the dropper at any pixel. Click again to apply the color to the selected style.

Due to current limitations, the colour dropper is only available on certain platforms.

This feature is currently only available on:

  • macOS desktop app

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Opera

While we plan to expand our coverage in the future, if you’re using an unsupported browser we recommend using Pitch on our desktop app. Follow this link to download our desktop app. At the present moment, this feature is only available on our macOS desktop app.

If you’re using an a supported browser but still don’t have access to the colour dropper, check that you’ve updated your browser to the latest version.

Still having issues? Please reach out to the support team from the in-app messenger, or email us at Have your browser name and version at the ready!

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