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Tips, tricks, and shortcuts for working with text in your presentations.

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Create a text block

There are multiple ways to quickly and easily add text to your presentations:

  • Click the Text button in the editor toolbar, or press T on your keyboard and a text block will appear.

  • Double click on a shape to add text in the center of that shape.

  • Paste text directly onto your slide. First, copy text from the source (e.g. a website or document) by pressing Command + C (or Control + C on Windows). Then, open your slide and press Command + V (or Control + V on Windows) to paste your text.

When you’re done writing, click anywhere on the slide or hit ESC twice to deselect the text box.

Edit the text style

For quick edits, use the inline editor. Click a text block and you’ll see options to quickly change the text style, size, color, alignment, and more. You can adjust text size up or down using the arrows, or if you need more granular control click the font size and type in a new one. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the font size by increments of one.

Open the Design panel for even more style options. Click on More text options, and you'll find choices to add text decoration, adjust your line spacing, recolor your bullet points, and more.

Need to update text color? Align it with your brand guides. You can quickly update your style colors by clicking on the add color button and sampling from your brand book, style guide, or any image using our color dropper. Alternatively, you can paste the following color formats:

  • HEX codes

  • RGBA values

  • HSLA colors

💡 Optionally press the Space key to see the RGB values

You can also create a gradient for text colors from the inline editor or in the design panel. Click on the color swatch and then select Gradient. By default, the start color is set to the current text color and the stop color is the next color in rainbow order. You can adjust the start and stop colors, and the direction of the gradient.

Find and replace text

If you'd like to locate all mentions of a piece of text - your client's name, for example! - and easily swap it out, you can now use find and replace in Pitch.

Press Cmd + F (Ctrl + F on Windows) to open the Find modal. Enter the text you'd like to search for, and then if you'd like to replace it you can enter the replacement text into the field underneath.

You can chose to replace all instances of a word, or just a select few by navigate through the found options with the arrows. If you'd like the replacement to match the character case of the original, check the box next to Match case.

Add a hyperlink

To create a text link, highlight the appropriate text, and select the link button from the inline editor. Enter a URL, press Enter/Return, and the highlighted text will transform into a link.

If you need to update the link or remove it entirely, head back to the link box, delete the link, and press Enter/Return or click the X button next to the link.

💡 To change the color of a link, select the link text and use the color picker in the inline editor. Or, change the setting for all link colors directly in your slide style.

Edit fonts

To change the font family and find additional tools for editing text, click on Design in the bubble bar on the right, where you’ll see options to change the layout, style, font, alignment, size, opacity, and add a shadow.

If you have a custom font you'd like to use, check out our helpful article on uploading custom fonts.

How's my spelling?

At the moment a full spell-check feature is currently not available, but we do show a red underline under misspelled words.

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