When your presentation calls for some decorative background elements, lines to help show the epic flow of ideas, or a highlight to an important block of text, we have you covered.

How to work with shapes

To add a shape, click the Shapes button in the editor toolbar, or press S on your keyboard.

For quick edits to shapes, use the inline editor.

  • Single click on a shape and you’ll find options to quickly edit the fill color, border color, and border width.

  • Double click a shape to add text inside of a shape. Highlight the text and you’ll see options to change the size, color, add lists, bold and italicize, and create a link.

For even more editing options, click the arrow in the inline editor, or select Design in the bubble bar on the right-hand side. Here you’ll find options to edit the layout, where you can resize your shape manually in pixels, lock or unlock the aspect ratio, define the exact position of your shape, rotate, and flip your shape. In addition, you can change the fill and border colors, edit the design of your text, update the opacity of your shape, and add a drop shadow.

What are stickers?

We call them stickers because you can stick them anywhere in a presentation. They’re meant to emphasize a point, break up the monotony of lots of text, or add some personality to your presentation.

To add a sticker, click the Sticker button on the top toolbar.

We like humor, so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself chuckling at our current selection of stickers which feature Otto the Dog, Teamwork, Graph Monsters, Chubby Hands, and Badges. Feel free to use as many stickers as you want in your presentation, as they are available for you to use to your heart’s desire.

Once you’ve added a sticker, open the Design panel from the bubble bar to make any edits. You’ll see options to fine-tune the Layout, Opacity, and move a sticker to the front or back if you’re layering a few different blocks.

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