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Find out which workspace members or invited guests have looked at a presentation.

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⭐️ This is a Pro feature. Find out more about Pitch Pro. ⭐️

Make sure the right people are seeing the right information using presentation analytics.

Access analytics for individual presentations

Open any presentation or template and click on the analytics icon right next to the Share menu to open the analytics window. You’ll find visitor activity from members, guests, and external audiences here. This window contains three main sections:

  • Custom links: Viewing activity for custom links shared with individuals or groups.

    • Link-based analytics that shows a summary of average time spent on slides, average views, and link visits.

    • Activity log that lists all visits, their total visit time, and the time spent on each slide by the visitor.

  • Activity: A feed of all viewing activity that happens on the presentation, through all possible channels — including workspace members and visitors who arrive through public links and embeds. When your visitors do any of the activities below, they will be added to the list of recent visitors:

    • Open presentation

    • Close presentation

    • Change slide in the player

    • Change slide in the editor (collaborators only)

  • Public access: Detailed information about viewing activity that happens when visitors view a public link or embed. In order to collect public visits, public access must be enabled.

Analyze public views over time

Public visits offer a combined view of all external visits on a public presentation. By default, the chart will display the total number of public visits for a single presentation from all time, but you can also examine a specific time period.

We support the following time options:

  • All time (since the date of the first visit)

  • Last 24 hours

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days

  • Last 30 days

  • Last 90 days

The chart will always display aggregated visits from all public sources. To the right of the chart, you can see a breakdown of public links and embeds for the currently selected time period. As you hover over the chart, you can see the number of visits tracked in each specific hour or day.

Below the chart, you can browse a feed of public visits for the presentation. For each visit, you can see the following information:

  • Location: If known, Pitch will display the country where the session was logged.

  • Source: Currently, any public sessions will display Public access as the source.

  • Device & browser: An icon will indicate whether the presentation was viewed on mobile or desktop. In addition to the browser information, you will also be able to see whether the presentation was viewed as a public link (Web) or embed (Embed).

  • Time opened: This will display a timestamp indicating when the session started. The time will be localized to your current time zone.

💡 Visits will stay associated to a presentation only when it’s moved between public folders. If a presentation is moved between workspaces, or between a workspace folder and a private folder, all prior visits will be erased.

Create custom links

With custom links, you can create multiple short URLs for any deck and share them with specific groups, no Pitch account required. Plus, if your content is sensitive, you can gate it with a passcode.

Compared to public access links, custom links give Pro members an extra level of control over how decks are shared — and extra insight into who consumes them.

Find more details about custom links on this page.

View engagement analytics

When creating a custom link, you can turn on engagement analytics for that link:

You can choose to ask for consent from your visitors by turning the toggle on or off. When turned on, visitors opening a presentation will see a popover asking for their consent when they open a link.

If workspace owners and admins turn on this toggle in the Workspace settings, all custom links created within the workspace will require visitor consent:

Learn more about consent and privacy here.

Here are possible reasons why you're not seeing engagement analytics even though you've enabled them for the custom link:

  1. You didn't turn on engagement analytics before the visitor came.

  2. The visitor didn't consent to the tracking when they visited the presentation.

  3. The visitor closed the presentation without giving consent to the tracking.

  4. The visitor lost the internet connection while looking at the presentation.

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