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Presentation analytics and privacy
Presentation analytics and privacy

Learn about our approach to using analytics in our product.

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Presentation analytics & privacy in Europe

Learn how our analytics feature complies with GDPR and European privacy laws.

Our commitment to privacy

We build our product in Europe, and serve European customers. That means we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A key component of GDPR is privacy by design. But we consider it more than a regulation to comply with. It's one of our guiding principles.

When creating presentation analytics, we wanted to bring this ethos into the product. We sought internal and external legal advice throughout the development process. You can be sure we do not promote questionable practices simply to achieve growth. The result is a feature that balances presentation visitors’ privacy with your interests.

Personal data we process for you

The personal data we process for analytics purposes is largely pseudonymous. It does not include name, email address, or any other directly identifiable information. Instead we process browser, time of visit, and country. These enable us to give you basic insights about visitors’ interactions with your presentation. Because the data could be used to identify an individual, it’s considered personal.

How GDPR affects your presentation analytics

Analytics collects this personal data when people visit your presentation. That means GDPR applies – both to you, as the owner of the presentation, and to Pitch. You should keep a few key principles in mind:

  • You are the controller of your presentation visitors' data. You define the purpose of processing data. In this case, the purpose might be understanding how readers engage with your presentation content.

  • Pitch is the processor of your presentation visitors' data. We act on your behalf, to carry out services for you. We only process data beyond this scope where permitted or required by law.

  • We process presentation visitors' data according to your chosen lawful basis. We assume this lawful basis is your legitimate interest. Under GDPR, a legitimate interest is a legally valid reason for processing. We think it’s likely you will rely on your legitimate interest to understand how people engage with your presentation.

  • You have an obligation to reference Pitch and the data we process for you. When you share your presentation, it's up to you to let visitors know you collect personal data through Pitch. Any privacy notices you have should reflect this.

Presentation analytics and cookies

Presentation analytics does not use cookies or other similar technologies. As such, consent is currently not required under ePrivacy laws.

Engagement analytics workspace settings

To require visitor consent for engagement analytics, workspace owners or admins can go to the Workspace settings to turn on this toggle:

Any link created within the workspace will require visitor consent to tracking.

Not legal advice

We would like to support you in understanding your obligations as a controller in Europe. This cannot be construed as legal advice. Always consult a lawyer to ensure your processing and related notices are GDPR-compliant.

Features that use analytics

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