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Integrate ChartMogul to create charts

Quickly generate on-brand charts from your revenue reports.

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Do you need to report your SaaS revenue in on-brand charts? Would you like to be transparent about your company revenue with your colleagues or your board, but don’t want to share access to all your sensitive financial data?

Connect your ChartMogul account to Pitch, and you can import a selected data range to your branded charts.

We understand your revenue metrics are sensitive information. Here’s what you should know before you start.

  • The ChartMogul integration in Pitch can only read your data; it can't change or update it.

  • The integration can be connected only to individual Pitch users, not the entire workspace. That means only the person who authorized the integration can import ChartMogul data into Pitch. Imported charts will be view-only for other workspace members and guests.

  • If you don't want to share your imported charts with everyone, keep your presentations in your private folders or shared private folders (Pro only).

  • ChartMogul allows its users to create multiple API keys. We recommend using a unique key for each application like Pitch. This way, multiple people can authorize the integration for themselves to bring important revenue metrics into Pitch.

Authorize the ChartMogul integration

  1. Go to your ChartMogul user profile page.

  2. Choose API keys from the bottom of the menu and click Add API key. If you already have API keys listed here, you can use an existing key and skip the next step.

3. Name your API key and keep the Access Level Read-only.The name can be anything you like. The Pitch integration only relies on the API key itself.

4. Copy your ChartMogul API key using the clipboard icon.

5. Open any of your Pitch presentations in the editor.

6. Click on the Charts menu, and paste the API key in the ChartMogul section.

7. Select a time range and report.

💡 Currently, you cannot import custom reports made in ChartMogul.

Pitch will generate a chart from your ChartMogul report. You can edit the chart type, colors, legend, and more, just like in any other chart. Learn more about charts.

Update ChartMogul chart data

Select the chart on the slide and click Replace data in the inline editor. Then select a range and report to import the latest data.

Disconnect the ChartMogul integration

Open the options menu and then click Disconnect.

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