Import a spreadsheet to create charts

Upload CSV files and import Google Sheets to create charts from your data faster.

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Keep your team up to date with the latest numbers in your presentation.

  1. Click on the Chart icon in the editor toolbar and select the type of spreadsheet you'd like to import under Integrations.

  2. (Google Sheets only) Make sure to allow access to your Google account using the Connect button first. Please make sure you have enabled pop-up windows and allowed third-party cookies. After that, you can import from Google Sheets.

  3. Choose the spreadsheet you want to import, either from your computer or from your list of Google Sheets.

  4. Drag your mouse to select the columns and rows you wish to include in your chart.

  5. Check the boxes if you want to use the first selected column as category labels and the first selected row as the chart legend.

  6. Select the chart type you’d like your data to be formatted in.

  7. Once you're done, click Create chart.

💡 If you only want to select specific columns or rows, select a range including all this data and create the chart. Then select the chart, click on Edit data, and remove rows and columns that you don’t need.

Our Google Sheets importer is limited to a 5MB file size.

Format your CSV file or Google Sheets spreadsheet

In order to get the desired chart as a result, it’s important that your file is formatted correctly. Here are some helpful hints:

  • When importing your data, we will automatically remove non-numerical characters; however, if you notice that numbers are not importing properly, check to see if you need to remove any additional characters.

  • Use commas instead of periods as a thousand separator (i.e., 10,000).

  • Use periods instead of commas as a decimal point separator (i.e., 0.001).

Once you have uploaded your data, you can format and design your chart.

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