How to integrate Google Analytics

To import your data from Google Analytics, start by opening a presentation and click on the chart icon in the editor toolbar. Then select Google Analytics and click Import now (before you can import data, you'll need to authenticate with Google).

You can use the chart picker to choose the analytics account, property, and time period for your data. Right now, Pitch supports data from the last 7 days, last 14 days, and last 30 days.

You can currently create charts for the following metrics:

  • Sessions

  • Sessions by Country

  • New Users

  • New Users by Country

  • Pageviews per Session (the average of pageviews during a session)

  • Platform Distribution

  • Top 10 Browsers

  • Top 10 Referring Sites

  • Top 10 Keywords

  • Top 10 Pages

Click on a report, and it will add a chart to your slide. Each report comes with a recommended chart type, but you can always change it by clicking on the chart type in the inline editor, or by opening the Design panel.

If you want to edit your reports (for instance, by replacing page name URLs with descriptive titles), you can click on Edit chart data and update category labels and values directly.

Will my charts be automatically updated?

As of right now, charts imported from Google Analytics cannot be refreshed. If you wish to update data, you will need to open the chart picker and recreate the report.

💡 If you're seeing an error message when connecting your Google account, this article can help you troubleshoot common issues.

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