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Set a custom icon and rename a workspace
Set a custom icon and rename a workspace

Change the name and upload an icon in your workspace settings.

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If you’re looking to make it easier for you and others to identify your workspace, you can change the workspace icon and name through the Workspace settings. Only the workspace owner and admins have access to these settings, so you may need to contact another person to make the changes. To find out who is an owner or admin in a workspace, navigate to the Members section in the same menu where you'll find the workspace settings (see below).

How to access your workspace settings

  1. Click on the drop-down menu arrow next to your workspace name.

  2. Select Workspace settings.

3. Click into your current icon and select the pencil to upload a JPEG or PNG file. We recommend a square format of 100 x 100 pixels.

4. Click into the text block with your current workspace name to change it, and then press Save. We recommend a name that reflects your business or team!

Changes will take effect immediately and you can make as many changes as you like.

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