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Set an approved email domain for your workspace
Set an approved email domain for your workspace

Let your teammates discover and join your workspace automatically.

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As a workspace owner, you can allow people with the same company email domain to join your workspace automatically. That means you no longer need to invite every single colleague into your workspace. Instead, you can share the link to our login page and team members will be able to discover and join your workspace when they sign up for Pitch.

💡 Personal email domains such as are excluded from this feature.

In order to enable this feature, navigate to Workspace settings from the dashboard menu.

Find the Allow email domain section and click Edit. Toggle on the domain to activate it, and then press Save.

Now, anyone from your company who creates a new Pitch account will be prompted to join your existing workspace instead of creating a separate workspace. This ensures you’re all creating and collaborating in the same space.

If you'd prefer to manually invite colleagues and don't want others to automatically join your workspace, you can disable this feature at any time by toggling the setting back off.

It’s not currently possible to allow multiple domains. If this is important for you and your team, please let us know.

Joining a workspace

You can find and join any workspace that has approved your company email domain. You might be prompted to do this during your sign-up process. Alternatively, click the Create a new workspace to find any workspaces you've already been invited to join.

You can accept pending invites to a workspace, join a workspace on your email domain, or create a new one.

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