Can I keep using the Starter plan for as long as I want?

Yes! There’s no time limit on our Starter plan.

If I have a Pro plan, can I invite external guests to collaborate on presentations?

Yes, guests can be invited to individual presentations and are free of charge in Pitch. Guest users only have access to presentations they’re invited to, and cannot see other workspace content.

Do I need to pay for external guests in my workspace?

No! Guest accounts are free in Pitch.

Can my team use multiple workspaces?

You can create as many workspaces as you like in Pitch, but they’re separate entities, each with their own billing. If you want your team to use multiple Pro workspaces, you’ll need to create and upgrade each workspace individually.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a credit system whereby any unused time on a Pro plan will be credited directly to the amount due for your next renewal date. If you have a monthly pro plan, you will see the credits applied to your monthly invoice. If you have a yearly pro plan, we will store the credits for you and you they will be applied at your next annual invoice.

Can I pay in a different currency?

If your company is based in a EU or non-EU European country we offer payments in Euro right now, or GBP if you're in the UK. Most other countries will default to USD payment. You can change your country but it's currently not possible to change the currency for a given country.

How is the payment being processed?

We use Stripe as our payment processor. All payment details are directly processed by Stripe. Pitch does not have access to your credit card data. You can read more about how Stripe processing credit card data here.

What happens if a payment fails?

You will receive an email to the billing contact asking you to update the card details. Payment may be retried up to 4 times within the next month. If these payment attempts are not successful, we will downgrade your account to the Starter plan.

How do subscriptions work?

Depending on the type of your subscription, yearly or monthly, it automatically renews itself at the end of every billing period. If you add or remove members, the subscription automatically updates and receipts are sent on a monthly basis that give an overview of the changes.

Can I change my plan from monthly to annually, and vice versa?

Yes, you can both ways:

When you change monthly to yearly, a new billing cycle will be established and your plan will automatically be renewed on the day you made this change. Any amount of time that is left on your already paid monthly cycle will be subtracted from your annual payment.

When you change yearly to monthly, the amount you paid for the year will cover future monthly charges until they're exceeded. Making this change also establishes a new billing cycle, with your plan automatically renewing on the calendar day you made this change the next month.

Do you offer discounts for NGOs, educational institutions, students, or start-ups?

Pitch Pro is free for non-profits, first-responders, researchers, and organizers working to fight COVID-19. Fill out this form to see if you qualify for a free Pro plan. It is on our roadmap to make Pitch more accessible to other groups as well — stay tuned for updates on this.

How can I view my invoices?

Invoices can be viewed by Admins and Owners by selecting the Settings menu in the upper-left of the dashboard followed by Billing. People who have access to this page can then select the Invoices tab.

How do I cancel my Pro subscription?

To cancel your Pro upgrade, visit the Manage subscription tab from your billing page and click the Cancel subscription button.

What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription?

You’ll be able to keep using Pitch Pro until the end of your billing period — at which point your workspace will be downgraded to the Starter plan.

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