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Drag and drop an image or GIF

If you want to add your own image or GIF, the easiest way to add it to Pitch is to drag it from its original location and drop it onto your slide.

  1. Navigate to the slide you want to edit.

  2. Open the folder on your computer or the page in your browser that contains the image you want to add.

  3. Click and hold the file, drag it onto your slide, and release.

Paste an image or GIF from the clipboard

You can paste an image or GIF directly onto your slide. First, copy the file or the image or GIF itself from the source (e.g., a website) by pressing Command + C (or Ctrl + C on Windows). Then, open your slide and press Command + V (or Ctrl + V on Windows) to paste your image.

💡 Did you know you can take a screenshot that also copies to the clipboard? On a Mac, press Command + Control + Shift + 4 and drag the cursor around your image. On Windows, press Alt + PrtScn.

Copy and paste images from other presentation tools

This is a simple copy and paste if you’re using PowerPoint and Keynote. If you’re working with images from Google Slides you’ll need to take a few additional steps.

One method is to download your Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint document, open it in PowerPoint, and copy and paste your image onto your slide in Pitch.


  1. Copy your images into a Google Doc.

  2. Navigate to File > Download > Web Page (.html, zipped) to download your document as an .html file.

  3. The zip file will contain all images, which can then be dragged into a Pitch presentation.

Upload your own media from your computer

Click the Image button on the top toolbar — or hit the letter I on your keyboard — and select Upload image.

Select a JPG, JPEG, PNG, SVG, or GIF file. The file size limit is 5MB for our Starter plan, while our paid plans have no limit. Click Open, and your image will be displayed on your slide.

You can also now change the color on SVGs that have been added to Pitch. Select an SVG shape and click on the color swatch. You can select a different color from the color picker or add a new one.

If the color swatch is showing a spark icon, it means the color has not yet been changed. This is called the “Automatic color”.

Once the color is changed, you will see it in the Fill color swatch in the inline editor and design panel. To revert to the original color(s), click on the Automatic color swatch in the color picker.

SVG recoloring works also for multi-color SVGs. In this case, the new color is applied across the entire vector path, that flattens the shape to a single-color shape. Clicking on the Automatic color swatch reverts the SVG to the original multi-colors.

You can also change the SVG to have a gradiant color. Open the Design panel and scroll to the Fill color section. Click on the Fill color and click on Gradient.

Click on the Start color and Stop color options to change the fill and adjust the Rotation.

Add an image from our content libraries

Click the Media icon on the editor toolbar or press I on your keyboard. In the left sidebar, select Unsplash for images, Giphy for GIFs, Icons8 for icons, or Brandfetch for logos, and search for a keyword. Click on the media you want to use and it will be added to your slide.

You can adjust the color of all single-colored icons added with the Icons8 integration. After adding an icon, select it and click on the color swatch in the inline editor. Then, choose one of your style colors or pick another.

💡 Is your company's logo missing from the Brandfetch search results? Head over to, search for your URL, and claim your brand profile to upload a logo.

Replace an image or GIF

You can swap out media in a few steps without having to reformat your slide. Click on your image block and select Replace in the inline editor.

Alternatively, click on Replace media in the Design panel in the bubble bar.

You can either upload a different file from your computer, or select a different image, icon, or GIF from our integrated content libraries.

Save your images to the Library

  1. Navigate to the Images folder under the Library

  2. Click Upload images in the top-right.

  3. Select your images from the file picker. Pitch supports GIFs, JPEGs, SVGs, PNGs, and more.

  4. Before completing your upload, take a moment to check that it has a descriptive and easy-to-search name.

  5. Click Upload to library.

Use library images in your presentations

  1. Open any presentation.

  2. Go to the Media menu and then navigate to the section titled Library.

  3. Search for your image.

  4. Click on an image to add it to the editor.

💡 You can also select any element in the Media menu and drag it into the perfect position on your slide.

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