If you’ve created a template based on your presentation style, other team members can easily create a new presentation that is already based on your brand’s presentation style. Sometimes you may want to apply a presentation style to a different presentation, or make slides from one of the Pitch templates you own in a few clicks. There are two ways of achieving this:

Publish your presentation style to the workspace

The first option is to publish your presentation style to the workspace. Click on the options next to your presentation style’s name in the Design panel and select Publish to workspace:

💡 In order to see your presentation styles in the Design panel, make sure you don't have any blocks selected in your presentation.

Once you’ve done that, everyone in your workspace will see a new section called Workspace styles underneath the presentation’s styles in the Design panel and can easily use the style you’ve created for any of their presentations.

Add a slide from your template to apply your style

The second option is to add a slide from your own template to the presentation you’re currently working on. This action will add your brand’s style to your presentation. You can then apply your style to individual slides manually through the design panel or the slide editor, or to multiple slides:

  1. Select all relevant slides in the slide navigator. Press Command to select individual slides, or Shift to select a range of slides.

  2. Right click on the slide navigator and select Apply style.

  3. This will open the quick menu and you can select the style you’d like to use. Only presentation styles that are available in your presentation can be selected.

You can delete any unused presentation styles by clicking Delete in the style options. Deleting all presentation styles except for one automatically applies the remaining style to your entire presentation.

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