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Browse the template gallery or combine slides from different templates to create your presentation.
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Browse the template gallery or combine slides from different templates to create your presentation.

Build presentations faster by creating your own template or using a custom template made by Pitch that fits your needs. Templates live in one of three areas:

  • Your Team templates folder. These are templates that have been created and saved by your team.

  • The template picker. Your custom templates will be available here along with templates from the gallery.

  • The template gallery. Here you'll find more custom templates created and curated by the Pitch team.

Find templates in the gallery

Browse the template gallery to pick a presentation that fits your needs. You can find design and content inspiration for your next presentation with templates custom made by Pitch.

You'll find templates for pitch decks, team meetings, reports, and more. You can access the template gallery through the template picker:

  1. Click on New presentation.

If you’re creating a new presentation from your dashboard, it will be automatically added to your private folder (Pro only). If you're on the Starter plan, the presentation will be created in the home folder.

2. Click on the Pitch template gallery tab. If you have your own templates in your workspace, Pitch will always offer you those first in the Library templates tab.

Typing in the search field will instantly refine the list of templates, so you can quickly find the right option for your new presentation.

You can search between the Library templates tab and Pitch template gallery tab without having to type again.

4. To create a new presentation in a specific folder, either go to that folder and the click New presentation, or adjust the location in the top left-hand corner. You can always move your presentation after creating it.

5. Hover over a template preview and click Create.

Preview a template

If you’d like to preview the slides of a template first, simply click on the template’s preview image without hitting the Create button.

In the preview window, make sure you create this presentation in the right folder by checking or changing the folder name next to the Create presentation in setting at the bottom.

When you’re done previewing the slides, click Create presentation.

Mix and match slides from different templates

You can also combine slides from multiple templates to help you complete your story. Once you have selected your initial template and created your presentation, click on Templates in the slide editor.

You'll have the option to choose between your Team templates or Gallery templates to see other available templates. Click on any slides to add them to your presentation or click Add all.

Each template comes with a different slide style. For consistency, you can apply any of those styles to any of your slides — or create your own slide style. Learn more about creating styles and applying them to multiple slides or an entire presentation.

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