Organize presentations with folders

Group your presentations into different folders to keep them organized.

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In Pitch, workspaces host your team’s work, and folders help structure that works and facilitates discovery.

There are three types of folders:

  • Private folders: Private folders are by default visible to the folder’s owner. Folders — or the presentations within them — must be explicitly shared with other workspace members in order to grant access.

  • Shared with me (Paid plans only): Presentations or private folders shared with you by another workspace member will be accessible via this section.

  • Workspace folders: These folders are visible and accessible to everyone in the workspace and so are the presentations inside them.

Create new folders

To create a new workspace folder, click the three-dot menu in the sidebar next to Workspace folders and click on New folder. Add a descriptive name and (optionally) an emoji icon, then click Create. Workspace folders are always sorted alphabetically.

Create a subfolder

To keep your workspace organized, you can create subfolders under any private or workspace folder. Click the options icon or right-click on any folder and select Create folder to create a subfolder. Subfolders will be visible from the sidebar (after clicking the arrow next to a folder) and from the folder view. You can also create subfolders by dragging existing folders into the desired top-level folder. Note that subfolders can also contain additional folders.

Organizing subfolders

If you want to change where a subfolder is stored, you can drag it into a new folder or click the options icon and select Move to top level.

Sharing subfolders

Workspaces on our paid plans can share private folders with other members of their team. Any subfolders stored in private folders will have the same sharing settings as the top-level folder.

Moving folders

You can quickly rearrange folders by dragging and dropping them. Note that folders can only be rearranged within their respective sections — so workspace folders cannot be dragged into private folders — and private folders shared with others cannot be rearranged.

Share your work with a wider group

You can share your presentation with specific people, or you can share it with your entire workspace by dragging and dropping your presentation from a private folder to a workspace folder. Of course, you can also move a presentation from a workspace folder to a private folder. A pop-up will alert you that you're about to change who can view the presentation when you move it.

💡Note that all comments are removed when you move presentations into a different type of folder.

Navigating folders using Pitch for mobile

Folders — and the content within them — are accessible even while on the go. After downloading Pitch for mobile, you can browse folders from the Dashboard tab. Subfolders are only visible from the folder view — tap a folder and you’ll see any subfolders stored within it, right above a list of presentations.

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