To keep your presentations organized and control who has access to them, you can create folders. There are three types of folders.

Private folders are only visible to the folder’s owner, and you have to explicitly share presentations in this folder if you want someone else to be able to view or edit them. Your default private folder has your account name on it.

The Shared with me section contains all presentations that have been shared with you by someone else in your team workspace. They are accessible to everyone who has been invited to collaborate on them.

Workspace folders are visible and accessible to everyone in the workspace — and so are the presentations inside them. You can collaborate with all workspace members on any presentation that is located in a workspace folder.

How to create new folders

  1. Navigate to your team workspace.

  2. Click the + sign in the sidebar to add a new private folder or a new workspace folder.

  3. Type in a name for your new folder and hit Return or Enter.

Use emojis as folder icons

To use an emoji as the icon for your new folder, press Control + Command + Space (or Control + Win + Space on Windows) to open the emoji keyboard. 

Select your favorite emoji and type the folder name next to it. Once you hit Return or Enter, the emoji will replace the default folder icon.

Share your work with a wider group

You can share your presentation with specific people, or you can share it with your entire workspace by dragging and dropping your presentation from a private folder to a workspace folder. Of course, you can also move a presentation from a workspace folder to a private folder.

💡Note that all comments are removed when you move presentations into a different type of folder.

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