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Refer to another slide within your presentation by linking to it from text or an image.

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Whether you are looking to create a table of contents slide or make a non-linear jump to a different slide in your presentation quickly, you can do so by linking between slides within your presentation.

Link to a different slide from text

Click on a text block and select a range of text. Then click the link icon in the inline editor, type the slide number, and press Enter/Return. The selected text will transform into a link, styled based on the slide style.

Now you can click the link to be directed to your chosen slide.

Link to a different slide from an image

Select the image, open the Design panel and scroll to the bottom to see an option to add a link. Enter the slide number and press Enter/Return.

The image will now be clickable. In the editor, you should see a bubble close to the linked image with the linked slide number.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to slide links if I reorder slides?

If you reorder your slides so that a slide that has been linked is assigned a different slide number, the existing link will automatically take on the new slide number.

What happens if I delete a linked slide?

If you attempt to delete a slide that is being linked from elsewhere within the presentation, you will be prompted with a message alerting you that deleting the slide will also remove the link to it.

If you choose to restore the deleted slide later, this will not automatically re-create the link to this slide.

Do linked slides work in exported PDFs?


What happens to slide links on skipped slides?

If a link leads to a skipped slide, the link will work only in the editor but not in the player or speaker view. If a link to another slide appears on a skipped slide, it will work only in the editor, but since skipped slides don’t appear in the player or in speaker view, it will not be available there.

What slide number should I use?

Just use a number like: 2. The slide will work when you also use #2 and # 2.

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