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Explore all the ways to edit images in Pitch.

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Edit images

Click on your image, and then on Design in the bubble bar on the right. To open this panel, you can also click the options menu in the inline editor. Here is what you can do with your image:

  • Apply a filter

  • Reduce the opacity

  • Add a blur effect

  • Round the corners

  • Add an overlay

  • Add a shadow

  • Set an image as a background

And there’s more! Open the Layout section in the design panel for the following options:

  • Resize your image by manually entering the height and width in pixels

  • Rotate an image by entering the degree of rotation

  • Flip your image vertically or horizontally

  • Resize your image proportionally

  • Unlock the proportions of the image

Crop an image

You can crop an image by double clicking it or selecting it and then clicking Crop image, which can be found in the design panel or in the inline editor. Once you do this, you can use the slider to zoom into the image. When zooming into an image, the image point at the center of the block is kept fixed. You can then drag the image around to crop it.

💡 While masking images is currently not possible, rounding an images corners to 100% will turn the image into a circle.

Replace an image

At any time, you can easily replace your image. Whenever you do so, Pitch automatically crops the image based on the previous image size and pans the image within the frame to save you time. We try to algorithmically identify the prominent part of the image. Learn more about how we use AI at Pitch. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always pan the image to the position you prefer. Just click Crop in the inline editor and drag the image to move the point of focus.

When you replace an image, all previous edits like filters, rounded corners, blur, or color overlay will be applied to the new image as well. There are a few ways you can replace an image:

  • Select the image and click on Replace in the inline editor or Replace media in the Design panel. Then upload a new image or select one from our media integrations.

  • Drag and drop a new image on top of an existing one (either from your local files or from the web). As you’re dragging the image, wait to see a blue border and then release your mouse.

  • Find an image online and copy it via the right-click menu. Select the image on your slide and paste to replace it.

  • Copy any image in your Pitch presentation, select an image you’re looking to replace, and paste the copied image in its place.

Hyperlink images

To add a URL link to an image, select it and go to the Design panel. Scroll down to the Link section. Enter the URL and click anywhere outside the input box to save the link.

When you hover on the image in the editor, you’ll see the link preview. Clicking on the link always opens a new tab. Image links also work in the player, but the link preview doesn’t show up.

It’s not yet possible to hyperlink from background images and other blocks like shapes. Setting a linked image as a background removes the link.

💡 Clicking on an image with a link in an exported PDF opens the link in your default web browser.

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