My changes are not syncing

Follow these steps if you’re seeing a sync error or your changes aren’t saving.

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Pitch will save changes to your presentation automatically, but if something goes wrong, you’ll see an error message in the top left of your screen both in your workspace and the editor. This message indicates that Pitch had issues syncing your changes with our servers.

💡 Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your internet connection? If you get a "you're offline" error in Pitch but your internet is properly connected, this trick should fix it.

Check your internet connection

If you’re working offline, we won’t be able to save your changes. As soon as you’re online again, this error should disappear. Please check your internet connection, or connect to a faster connection if possible.

Is your content available on another platform?

If your connection is stable, check a different platform as a next step. That means:

  • If you’re using our desktop app, see if your changes are present in our web app.

  • If you’re using our web app, download our desktop app and look for your changes there. You can also try a different browser.

There are two possible outcomes of this step:

You are seeing your latest updates in Pitch on a different platform. This means we were able to sync your changes. Go back to the app you were using initially and log out and back in to your account. You should see your changes there now as well.

You are NOT seeing your latest updates in Pitch on a different platform. This means we were unable to sync your changes. In this case, do not close or log out of the app you were originally using; otherwise you will lose your content. Try the following: Make a small change to your presentation to trigger the syncing one more time. Reload the app on the other platform again. If your content is still not updating, please contact the support team.

Contact the support team

If none of these steps were helpful, please reach out to the support team on the messenger within the app or by emailing Please include the following information:

  • The error code (e.g., #107) in the sync error message

  • What you were doing in the presentation just before you noticed the error

  • The approximate time when the error first appeared

  • The URL of the presentation you were working on

  • The operating system or browser you’re using

  • A log file of the system while the error was present. Find out how to save your log file.

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