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Add videos to your presentation by uploading them directly to your slide.

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⭐️ ️ This is a premium feature. Find out more about our paid plans. ⭐️

While all of our plans currently offer the ability to embed YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom videos, you may want to use videos that are not posted anywhere online. If you are part of a Pro workspace, we offer the option to upload your videos directly from your computer. Here’s how to upload your video to a presentation:

  1. Click the Media icon in the editor toolbar and select Upload media.

2. Choose the video file from your computer.

3. Click Open

You can also drag your video file into Pitch directly from your computer. Even better, you can upload multiple files at the same time when you drag and drop. You can upload up to ten videos per slide, and there is no limit to the number of videos that can be uploaded to a single presentation. An indicator in the top right-hand corner of the editor will let you know your video is being uploaded.

Once your video is uploaded, you can use the bars on the sides of the video to adjust the height and width, and the inline editor to adjust playback.

The following can also be enabled and adjusted in the design panel:

  • Autoplay

  • Loop

  • Mute

  • Filters

  • Opacity

  • Blur effect

  • Rounded corners

  • Overlay

  • Shadow

💡 Due to security reasons, Pitch cannot start auto-playing videos that contain sounds before someone interacts with the page. A workaround to ensure that the videos autoplay on the first slide is to set the first video to mute.

Video formats we support:

  • .3gp

  • .avi

  • .flv

  • .mov

  • .mp4

  • .ogg

  • .webm

  • .wmv

Save videos to the library

If you'd like to use an uploaded video multiple times across presentations, save videos (and images) directly to your workspace library.

Use library videos in your presentations

  1. Open any presentation.

  2. Go to the Media menu and then navigate to the section titled Library.

  3. Search for your video.

  4. Click on an image to add it to the editor.

💡 To make sure you can successfully upload your video, please make sure the file size is under 5GB and the length of the video is at least 2 seconds.

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