There is no need to copy and paste data into your charts in Pitch. Import a CSV or Google Sheets spreadsheet and display your numbers right away. Let’s get started:

1. Click on the Chart icon in the editor toolbar and select the type of spreadsheet you'd like to import under Integrations.

3. (Google Sheets only) Allow access to your Google Account. Please make sure you have enabled pop up windows and allowed third party cookies in order for this integration to work.

4. Select the relevant values for your chart by either highlighting the column or clicking on the entire column. These are the numbers you want to display on the chart.

5. Next, click the Select button next to Categories to switch to selecting categories. This is the meaning behind the numbers, such as countries or other text.

6. Once you’re done, click Update chart to see your changes.

(CSV only) We try to detect the correct separator (i.e. semicolon or comma) that your spreadsheet uses, but please double-check before uploading. If your data is not displayed correctly, try changing the Separator type:

If there are some numbers you need to update on the spreadsheet, you can click on Edit spreadsheet to directly make changes and once you’re done, click on Finish edit to lock in those changes.

How to format your CSV file or Google Sheets spreadsheet

In order to get the desired chart as a result, it’s important that your file is formatted correctly. Here are some helpful hints:

  • When importing your data, we will automatically strip non-numerical characters; however, if you notice that numbers are not importing properly, you'll want to remove the additional characters.
  • Use commas instead of periods as a thousand separator (i.e 10,000).
  • Use a period instead of a comma as a decimal point separator (i.e. 0.001).

Once you have uploaded your data, you can format and design your chart. Please note that you can only include two columns of data right now. More improvements to charts are coming soon!

💡 If you're seeing an error message when connecting your Google account, this article can help you troubleshoot common issues.

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