Move a template to another workspace

Follow these steps to transfer a template to a different workspace.

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While we encourage teams to collaborate in a single workspace, there are occasions where you might need to collaborate across multiple workspaces. Moving presentations between workspaces is simple, but transferring a template requires a few extra steps.

How to move a template to a different workspace

  1. Go to your Templates folder in the Library and create a presentation from the template you want to move to another workspace.

  2. Add all the slides you would like to keep from the template to the presentation by clicking or dragging the slides from the Templates option in the slide editor.

  3. Go back to the dashboard. The presentation you just created will be available in your Home folder (it will also be displayed in the Dashboard). Open the presentation options, and select Move to workspace.

  4. Select the target workspace for your presentation and confirm.

  5. Find the presentation in the Home folder of the target workspace, open the presentation options and click Convert to template.

Your template is now available in this workspace. You can find it in the Templates folder (located in the Library) if you need to make edits, and all workspace members can select the template when creating a new presentation.

The presentation from which you created the template remains in the Home folder as well and can be deleted if it’s no longer needed.

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