Click on your image, and then on Design in the bubble bar on the right. To open this panel, you can also click the right arrow in the inline editor. Here is what you can do to edit your image:

  • Apply a filter.
  • Reduce the opacity.
  • Add a blur effect.
  • Round the corners.
  • Add an overlay.
  • Add a shadow.
  • Set an image as a background.

And there’s more! Open the Layout section for the following options:

  • Resize your image by manually entering the desired height and width in pixels.
  • Rotate an image by entering the degree by which you’d like to change it.
  • Flip your image vertically or horizontally.

Looking to crop an image?

There are multiple ways to adjust the size of your images. When an image block is selected, you will see handles located on the sides and corners. Clicking and dragging on these handles will let you change the dimensions and visible area of an image. Here's what you can do:

  1. Crop an image: Click on one of the side handles and drag toward the center to crop out parts of an image.
  2. Zoom in on an image: Click on one of the side handles and drag outward. After the image is larger than its default dimensions, dragging will zoom in the part of the image that's shown.
  3. Resize an image: Click on the corner handles and drag to make an image larger or smaller without changing its aspect ratio.
  4. Move an image: Clicking within the image, but not on the panning icon, will move the image on the slide.
  5. Pan an image: Select a cropped image and you will see a panning icon in the center. Click on the center and drag to adjust which elements are featured in the visible part of your image (see image and video below):

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