Editing images

Click on your image, and then on Design in the bubble bar on the right. To open this panel, you can also click the right arrow in the inline editor. Here is what you can do to edit your image:

  • Apply a filter.

  • Reduce the opacity.

  • Add a blur effect.

  • Round the corners.

  • Add an overlay.

  • Add a shadow.

  • Set an image as a background.

And there’s more! Open the Layout section for the following options:

  • Resize your image by manually entering the desired height and width in pixels.

  • Rotate an image by entering the degree by which you’d like to change it.

  • Flip your image vertically or horizontally.

  • Resize your images proportionally.

  • Unlocking the aspect ratio of the image.

Looking to crop an image?

You can crop an image by double clicking it or selecting it and then clicking Crop image, which can be found in the design panel or in the inline editor. Once you do this, you can use the slider that appears to zoom into the image. When zooming into an image, the image point at the center of the block is kept fixed. You can then drag the image around to crop it to your heart's content.

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