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Pitch now supports exporting to PowerPoint (PPTX) so you can share decks with anyone who requires that format. No need for third party converters!

You can export your existing presentation to a PPTX file from the Share menu.

Export a presentation

  1. Click Share in the top right of the presentation

  2. Select Export to PowerPoint

3. When the file is ready, a pop-up will appear on the bottom of the screen letting you know that your PowerPoint file is ready to use.

💡You can also export the presentation from the quick menu. Press Command + K (or Control + K on Windows) and then search for Export. It will be in the listed options.

Supported and unsupported elements

There are some elements that might not export the way you’d expect. Supported elements of your original presentation should export to a PPTX file seamlessly.

Supported elements:

  • Slides

  • Images (JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF files). Please note that GIFs may not play in PowerPoint web

  • Text (Bullet colors take the text color of the list item)

  • Shapes

  • Tables

  • Speaker notes

  • Embedded videos from Vimeo, Youtube. Thumbnails will not be included in the export.

  • Charts (these may look different in the export based on PowerPoint’s formatting)

  • Fonts will be included in the export. However, we cannot always embed the font into the PowerPoint file (in some cases it can fall back to Calibri). In order to display the correct font, it needs to be installed on your computer.

Unsupported elements might look a bit different or be absent, depending on whether or not import functionality for a specific type of block already exists in Pitch.

Unsupported elements

  • Uploaded videos

  • Recordings

Recordings and uploaded videos will be displayed as a thumbnail in the exported presentation.

Fonts will be included in the export. However, we cannot always embed the font into the PowerPoint file. In order to display the correct font, it will need to be installed on your computer.


How long does an export take?

Presentations with lots of slides or very media-heavy presentations with lots videos and images might take a few minutes to export.

Can I export to PowerPoint on mobile?

It is not possible to export to PowerPoint our mobile app.

Is it possible to use this feature in offline mode?

Exporting while offline is not possible. If you need the PPTX file and you know you will be without internet, we recommend exporting ahead of time or presenting directly from Pitch in offline mode.

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