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Update: The publishing beta is currently closed to new participants. Please keep an eye on What’s New for further news on presentation publishing.

Your Pitch profile

Your profile is where your audience can find all of the presentations you’ve published.

To create your own public profile, you need to be invited by a member of the Pitch team. Read more about presentation publishing here.

Creating your public profile

You can create a profile by clicking the settings arrow next to your workspace name and clicking on Create public profile. We will also prompt you to create a profile if you attempt to publish a presentation without a profile already set up.

You will then be able to set the following:

  • Name

  • Username. This is a unique handle that appears in the URL for your profile page. It can only be lowercase.

  • Bio

  • Location

  • Website URL

  • Social profiles. You can currently enter these for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Dribbble.

  • Profile image. This will display as a circle.

  • Cover image. This presents best at 4000 x 600 pixels, but please keep designs or text within 1920 pixels at the center to avoid truncation on screen resizing.

Editing your profile

Navigate to your profile and click Edit profile to make changes. You can find your profile as follows:

  1. From within the Pitch app, by clicking on the settings arrow next to your workspace name and clicking View public profile

  2. From the website when logged in, you can click on your avatar in the top right and View profile (or you can Edit profile directly).


How many profiles can I publish presentations to?

Each Pitch user can have just one public profile associated to it.

Can I have a public profile for my business?

The public profile you create could be for you as an individual or your brand, but if you choose to publish as your company, it’s not currently possible for others in your workspace to publish to the same profile or manage presentations you have published.

Before publishing under your company name and branding, please ensure you have all the necessary permissions from your company.

How do I remove profile images?

You can change your profile and cover images through Edit profile, as above, but if you would like to remove your images altogether please contact us for assistance.

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