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Share live presentations in Notion

Connect Pitch to Notion to embed presentations and let others preview and browse up-to-date slides — even without a Pitch account.

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Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines your important work tools, like notes, docs, wikis, and project management into one collaborative and customizable space.

Integrating your Pitch account with Notion enables embedding presentations directly in Notion pages without having to manage link access or invite others to the presentation first.

Please keep in mind:

  • Individual Pitch workspace members authorize the integration. That means only those users can add presentation previews to the Notion workspace.

  • Guests cannot connect the Notion integration with a guest workspace.

  • Access settings on Pitch and Notion may differ. What’s private on Pitch could be public on Notion. For instance, if you paste a link to a Pitch presentation where public access is disabled, the presentation will appear in Notion. If that Notion page is public (’Share to Web’ is enabled in the Notion page’s Share menu), anyone can view the presentation, even though it’s not public in Pitch.

  • Anyone can see a presentation if they have access to the Notion page where it’s embedded, even if they don’t have a Pitch account.

Using our Notion link preview integration, you can share any presentation with others in your Notion workspace. Here’s how.

Add a Pitch link preview in Notion

1. Copy a share link of any presentation in your Pitch workspace.

  • Open the Share menu

  • Select Copy Editor Link

Note: Make sure the link comes from the Share menu in the editor. The link from the browser address bar or a basic link will not work.

2. Paste the link on any Notion page. Select Paste as preview and click Connect to Pitch to update.

3. Log into your Pitch account and authorize the Pitch integration.

4. Once authorized, your presentation preview will load. You only need to do this once. Next time you paste a link, previews will load automatically.

You can only link your Pitch account to one Notion workspace. If you want to load presentation previews in a different Notion workspace, you can either use Notion’s embed block (see below) or disconnect the integration and connect Pitch to a new workspace.

You can use the embed block in any Notion workspace with any basic link.

  1. Type /embed on any Notion page.

  2. In Pitch, copy the embed code code for a basic link.

  3. Paste the embed code in Notion.

How to disconnect the Pitch integration in Notion

  1. Open your Notion workspace settings.

  2. Go to My connected apps.

  3. Click Disconnect next to the Pitch app.

Once disconnected, presentation previews will no longer load. To reactivate them, authorize the integration again, and re-paste the links.

Alternatively, you can remove all Pitch link preview blocks from your Notion workspace to make sure your presentations can no longer be accessed in Notion.

Learn more in the Notion documentation.

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