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Transform your presentations by adding video recordings to your slides.

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When you can’t meet with your audience in real-time, you can record a short video instead. Anyone with a link to your presentation will be able to see recordings alongside your slides — changing the way sales decks, pitch decks, and internal updates are consumed.

You can add new recordings while editing your slides. Click on Record in the editor toolbar to add a recording block to your slide. Every slide can support one block.

Select the block and click Add recording to start recording.

When you get ready to record, you'll be taken to a new, focused view. Here, you can adjust your camera and microphone settings and see a preview of yourself in the recording block before you start recording.

Click Start recording (or press Return / Enter), take a deep breath during the countdown, and start presenting your slides. While recording, you'll see the following options below the slide:

Next slide: If you want a recording to span multiple slides, you can manually navigate to the next slide when you're ready.

Pause / Resume: If you wish to pause your recording to take a sip of water, check your notes, or gather your thoughts, press Pause, and Pitch will stop recording, You can press Resume if you want to continue recording the current take.

Restart: If you make a mistake, you can restart your take. Restarting will retrigger the countdown, giving you an extra moment to prepare.

Stop: When you've finished a take and want to upload it to your slide, press Stop.

Discard: If you made a mistake and want to start over, you can press Discard and reset the recording

Save: If you’re done with your recording, click on Save to go back to the editor.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to control the recording:

Space to pause/resume
Enter to start/stop
R to restart

Record over multiple slides

If you want to include multiple slides in one recording:

  1. Navigate to the next slide using the arrow keys.

  2. Click Stop once you are done with the recording.

  3. Click Save to upload the recording to your slides.

Record using speaker notes

You can use your speaker notes while you're recording:

  1. Add speaker notes in the editor.

  2. Click Record.

  3. Click View on the bottom left-hand corner to view your speaker notes or the next slide.

Review your recordings

Want to review a recent recording? There are three ways to review a recording:

  1. Click on the Play button directly in the recordings menu.

  2. Click on the Play button over the block in the editor.

  3. View it in action by opening the player, then press the Play button in the slideline (or on the recording preview) to review the current recording.

Record new takes

Want to redo a recording? You can record new takes on any slide and choose the best one before you share your deck.

Open the recorder and locate Selected recording right above your slide. Click on the drop-down menu to review and select previous takes. Selected takes will be visible in the editor and the player.

Not satisfied with your current takes? Click Create new take to record a new one.

If you want to delete a take, select it and click on the trash icon to permanently remove it from your presentation. Not satisfied with all your takes? Click Delete all takes to start from scratch.

Style your recordings

You can change the size, shape, and add a filter to your recordings by selecting the block in the editor and dragging its corners. Go even further by opening the Design panel to add a filter or adjust the thumbnail of the video.

Share presentations with recordings

There are several ways to share a presentation with recordings.

Other users with access to your presentation can view recordings from the player (recommended), or by pressing play on individual recordings from the editor.

You can also view recordings on Pitch for iOS and Android. View individual slides with recordings to share your feedback, or enter full screen to watch a presentation from start to finish.

If public access is enabled, you can share a public link or embed your presentation on your website or in places like Notion.

💡 Try adding recordings to templates to save time creating your slides!

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