With Pitch for mobile, you can easily invite people to work with you on a presentation or share a link that anyone can open.

Invite collaborators to a presentation

Open a presentation, tap the options menu up top, then tap Invite collaborators. Enter an email address, select their permissions, and tap Invite. Just like with our desktop and web apps, you can choose between Can view, Can comment, and Can edit.

If you’ve already invited others, you’ll see their emails below the invite input field. From here, you can adjust their permissions or remove them from the presentation.

Enable public access from your smartphone

If a presentation is in one of your private or workspace folders, you can manage public access across devices. To make a presentation public from our mobile apps, open a presentation and tap the options menu up top. Then tap Public access to enable anyone with the link to view your work. Guests and workspace members with limited access can see if your presentation is public, but can't disable access.

Share presentations as links

With Pitch for mobile, you can share links anywhere. Open a presentation, tap the options menu up top, and select Share link. Keep in mind that if a presentation isn't public, only invited guests and workspace members will be able to open the link. Depending on your device and sharing settings, you can share presentations over AirDrop, text, email, Slack, and more.

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