Embed content into your slides

Embed media content from third-party tools like Airtable, Figma, Typeform, or Google Maps.

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Enrich your slides with always-up-to-date views from your favorite tools and save time on switching tabs.

Embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or Loom link

On our Free plan, you can embed videos from popular video hosting sites Youtube, Vimeo, and Loom.

  1. Click on the Embed icon in the editor toolbar.

  2. Drop in the URL in the text field.

  3. Or directly paste the URL in the presentation.

Edit embedded blocks

Once an embed has been added, you can resize, reposition, rotate, and change the opacity of the embed block. To interact with the embedded content in the editor, like playing a YouTube video or filling in a Typeform, double-click on the block to get started.

To replace the embed link, select the embed, open the Design panel and paste a new link in the Link section.

Embed any link

⭐️ ️ This is a premium feature. Find out more about our paid plans. ⭐️

Looking to extend your embedding options? Want to create dynamic slides with exciting visual and audio elements from other sites? Now you can add embedded options from just about any site.

Here are just some of the tools and sites that you can embed into Pitch

  • LottieFiles

  • Spotify

  • Google maps

  • Figma

  • Typeform

  • Airtable

Frequently asked questions

Can I embed private links?

No. We only support embedding public links.

When I change something inside the embed, does it stay that way?

It depends on the embed type. Generally, we always load the embed at its original URL. For example, when you re-open the presentation or when others view it, a Typeform survey or a Google Map will always appear based on its exact link.

However, if your embeds allow editing (like an Airtable view or a Google Sheets spreadsheet), the edits will become available once you or others reopen the presentation. Also, switching the view in an embed, for example, opening a different list in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, can be in some cases saved, which means when you reopen the presentation, the embed will look different than when originally added.

Can I zoom in or out on the content of the embed to fit a block?

Zooming is currently not supported. To see the embedded content clearly, we recommend making embed blocks larger.

Why do I see generic previews instead of embedded content in the slide navigator?

This is a known issue. Some embeds (like Airtable) might show a generic preview in the slide navigator.

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