Where to find notifications

If you need a quick overview of all changes across your workspaces, the in-app notifications are a great place to start. You don’t have to dig through your email inbox; simply open the Pitch app and click on the bell icon. If you have unread notifications, you'll see a red badge on top of the bell.

Types of notifications

As a workspace member or a guest with edit access, you'll see a notification when another workspace member or guest:

  • assigns you a slide, you can open the presentation

  • mentions you in a comment, you can view the comment

  • replies to your comment, you can view the comment

  • resolves your comment, you can view the comment

  • invites you to a workspace, you can join the workspace

  • invites you to a presentation, you can open the presentation

In-app notification center

You can use the notification center to navigate to presentations that require your attention, spot new comments, and stay organized when other people assign your slides.

💡 Currently, in-app notifications cannot be managed or turned off.

When you open the notification center, each new notification will be marked with a blue badge. Unless you interact with the notification, it will stay unread.

  • Mark as read: either click on the notification or click on the options menu and confirm with Mark as read.

  • Mark as unread: if you want to remind yourself about some notification that might want to come back to later, click on the options menu and confirm with Mark as unread.

Subscribe to a presentation

To keep up with presentation progress, you can subscribe to activity in any presentation to receive an in-app notification about all comments and slides marked as Done. Simply open the presentation menu in the editor and click on Subscribe to presentation.

You can always unsubscribe from any presentation using the presentation menu, or the options menu in the Notification center. To manage what presentations are you subscribed to, just open the Account settings and click on App notifications.

Desktop app notifications

If you’re using the Pitch desktop app on macOS or Windows, you will also receive system notifications. To receive notifications, you need to be a workspace member or a guest with edit access, have the desktop app running, and be online.

💡 Desktop notifications are enabled by default and can be turned off in the operation system settings of your device.

Mobile in-app notifications

If you’re using Pitch for iOS or Android, you can check notifications also on the go. Just tap the bell icon in the top right.

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