Reset your password, update your avatar, or change your name

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Select Account Settings

  • Add or replace your avatar.

  • Update your display name.

  • Reset your password (this option will only show when you've created a password for your account in the past).

Adjust your email notification preferences

To change which email notifications you want to receive, select Notifications in the Account settings menu.

The following email notifications can be turned on or off:

  • Mentions of your @username

  • New slides assigned to you

  • Responses from other workspace members to your comments

  • A daily digest of comment activity from your workspace

💡 These preferences apply to each workspace that you are a member of.

After setting up your notification preferences, the active notifications will be displayed as a label when viewing your Account settings.

💡 You can also access your account settings from the quick menu. Bring it up with Command + K on macOS or Ctrl + K on Windows.

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