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Manage user settings and email notifications
Manage user settings and email notifications

Update your avatar, name, password, and notification preferences.

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Reset your password, update your avatar, or change your name

  1. Click on the workspace menu (the drop-down menu next to the workspace name).

  2. Select Account settings.

From here, you can:

  • Add or replace your avatar

  • Update your display name

  • Reset your password (this option will only show when you've created a password for your account in the past)

💡 You can also access your account settings from the quick menu. Bring it up with Command + K (or Ctrl + K on Windows).

Subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications

To change which email notifications you want to receive, select Email preferences in the Account settings menu.

The following email notifications can be turned on or off:

  • Mentions of your @username

  • New slides assigned to you

  • Responses to your comments from other workspace members

💡 These settings apply to each workspace that you are a member of.

Update your email address

Currently, there’s no way to change your email address within Pitch. However, you can work around this by inviting your new address to your workspace.

  • Invite your new email address to your existing workspace in the Workspace members section.

  • Move all presentations in your private folder to workspace folders.

  • Accept the invitation and create a new Pitch account.

  • Log in with your old account and change the owner of the workspace to your new address (it's located in the workspace members section as well).

  • Find the private presentations that have been moved to workspace folders and move them to your new account's private folders (Pro only).

  • Lastly, if you'd like to remove your old address, you can do so from the three-dot menu next to this address on the same page.

❗️Please note: If you are a Pro user, you will need to remove your old email address in order to not increase your billing.

Delete your account

To delete your account, go to the Account settings menu and click on Delete my account.

❗️Please note: Deleting your account will delete workspaces and the presentations in them. You'll also lose access to shared presentations in workspaces. This can't be undone.

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