Use speaker notes to note down key points (or important jokes!) that you do not want to forget to mention when presenting. You add notes on every slide of your presentation.

To enter speaker notes:

  • Click on the Notes icon in the bubble bar.

  • Type your notes. Highlight parts of the text to pull up the text editing capabilities (i.e. bold, italic, add link).

To see your notes in action:

Click on the Play icon in the top right-hand corner:

Once you’re done typing all your notes, the changes will be automatically saved and you can immediately move on to the next slide. If you duplicate a slide, your notes will not be moved over to the duplicated slide.

If you move a document to a different workspace, all of your speaker notes will remain available in that presentation. However, if you move a document from your private folder to a workspace folder, the notes will be deleted.

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